Nicholas Vaporidis is the winner of the famous Island 2022-

Nicholas Vaporidis is the winner of the famous Island 2022-
From Maria Volpi

The very favorite “Night Before Exams” actor wins the reality show. According to Surprise, the almost unknown Luca Davry. The third is Carmen Di Pietro

Nicolas Vaporidis: At 1:20 am, the winner of the 16th edition of the Isola dei Famosi has been announced.. An expected and indignant victory despite the actor showing his angrier face in the early days. Forty years old, made famous by the Fausto Brizzi films The Night Before Exams (2006); The night before the exams – today (2007); Male vs. Female (2010); Female vs. Male (2011), Eventually he walked away from the entertainment world.
But he realized his dream of opening a restaurant in London: its name is Taverna Trastevere London, right in the city. As for private life, after his engagement with Christiana Capotondi and Ilaria Spada, in 2012 he married Giorgia Sorina from whom he divorced in 2014.

The evening’s host is Ilary Blasi glisten and glam in white (but we’ve seen better hairstyles), flanked as always by rainbow-clad commentators Vladimir Luxoria in Celebration of Pride Month and Nico Savino, witty as always. Many guests in the studio were eliminated, including all the untouchables. Applause for Eduardo Tavasi, much loved by the audience (he was knocked out in the semifinals with a knee problem) as the winner. They asked themselves on social media: Why is he out, if he’s walking so well tonight? Alvin from Honduras He manages to take on the latest challenges of the Untouchables, and still gives life to the final episode of the (phantom) harassment gags between him and Elari. The sixteenth edition ofFamous Islandlongest running in reality TV history: 100 days, 32 outcasts in rotation, 25 episodes. Location: Cayos Cochinos (Honduras). The motto of this edition was “Everything can change!”. The six finalists who competed for the title were: Carmen Di Pietro, Nicholas Vaporides (nominees at the start of the evening); Luca Davry, Maria Laura de Vitesse, Mercedes Henger, Nick Luciani.

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TheThe first elimination of the evening was Nick from his cousins, lost 18 kilos. Surprisingly, Alessandro Iannone, son of Carmen Di Pietro, who left the reality show to return to study for a university exam, returns to the island for the final episode. Big surprise for mom. There was no shortage of the usual moments of tears, With mothers and fathers in tears embracing their children, declarations of love and tears, so many tears, that many, many plays. Marialaura De Vitis was the second elimination of the evening; And the
Mercedesz Henger was followed by the third person who had to leave the island. Then the surprise that no one ever expected: the two favorites to win, Nicholas and Carmen, entered the nomination and so on. Carmen Di Pietro is the fourth shipwreck to be eliminated on the island, as well as the third ranked shipwreck. So the two finalists remained men: the famous actor Nicholas Vaporidis is present from day one and the model, unknown to the general public, Luca Davry (followed and loved by the very young audience of social networks, the one who uses television broadcasting the most., thanks to “Men and Women” and ” Experience Island” and its attraction) and landed in Honduras only on May 16.

Since 2000, twenty-two years ago, the year when Big brotherThe language of TV has completely changed. And reality shows continue to hold out on their schedules. Today’s entertainment has the face of dozens and dozens of reality shows that have been rejected in various ways. The initial authenticity has certainly been lost, the social experience of the past has vanished, and the spirit of innovation has vanished. Today it is real shows – more than reality shows – that are divisive: those who adore them and those who hate them. The so-called important or famous people less and less, cunning more and more, the need to come back and steal a part of the popularity is the real driver of these reality shows. But they are an important part of our television. Straw commented on social media (because young people don’t watch TV, they comment on it).

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