Green Corridor: petition, Trieste is the capital of the flag and not the capital of La Fax

(ANSA) – Trieste, Oct 31 – “In public places we also hear the voice of the vast majority of citizens who have been vaccinated” because “Tristi is not the Italian capital where there is no green lane and anti-science culture”, on the contrary, Trieste is the Italian capital of science and science trusts. It is a passage from the text of the petition “Appello a Trieste”, which began collecting signatures by Mitja Gialuz, teacher and “sponsor” of the Barcolana Regatta, and Tiziana Benussi, attorney and president of the CRTrieste Foundation. This is the first spontaneous response from that part of the community made up of vaccinated people, mostly in Trieste, to protest against the mandatory nature of the Green Passage and against vaccination in general. “Trieste is a community of rational, responsible and conscientious people that we can only weather the storm together. Each takes responsibility for others – reports on petition text – Vaccine gives us the freedom to be cure, work, do business, study in class and universities, develop their interests and resume Social life, exercise and travel. Those who struggle against vaccinations and the green corridor must not put these liberties and people at risk. The health of citizens cannot harm the economy.” (Dealing).

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