Gaza, live – 10 more Hamas hostages released. Israeli bombing of Jenin: two children killed. One of the two people who was hit from behind was 9 years old

Gaza, live – 10 more Hamas hostages released.  Israeli bombing of Jenin: two children killed.  One of the two people who was hit from behind was 9 years old

The 12 freed hostages arrive in Rafah

Egyptian security forces and the International Red Cross arrived with 12 hostages handed over by Hamas today to the Rafah crossing in Egypt, coming from the Gaza Strip. Procedures are currently underway to conduct medical examinations and transfer them from the Rafah crossing to the Karam bin Salem crossing amid a tight security cordon. According to the official Egyptian Cairo Channel, the sixth group of freed hostages includes 5 children and 7 women, all of them Israelis. Among them are also two women who hold Israeli and Russian citizenship.

The release of 10 other Hamas hostages has begun

Hamas began handing over the ten hostages scheduled to be released today to the Red Cross. The Jerusalem Post reported this after the armed wing of Hamas announced that it had released two women who hold Russian citizenship.

Qatar: “We are also negotiating the release of male hostages”

Negotiations “are moving toward the release of civilian hostages” in Gaza. Qatari Foreign Ministry spokesman, Majed Al-Ansari, told CNN. Al-Ansari said: “Our negotiations on women and children feature prominently in the discussions, but it is clear that we are moving towards the release of male civilians.” Longer discussions are also underway regarding the release of Israeli soldiers held hostage by Hamas, along with the possibility of reaching a “longer truce” that could “lead to a ceasefire,” according to Al-Ansari. The Qatari spokesman did not confirm whether there were any American hostages on the list of those released today.

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Guterres: “Sexual violence during Hamas attack must be investigated”

It is necessary to conduct a “rigorous investigation” into the “numerous cases of sexual violence that occurred during the attacks” launched by Hamas militiamen on October 7 against Israel. This was stated by UN Secretary-General António Guterres during a briefing before the UN Security Council. “Violence against women must be condemned. At any time. Everywhere,” Guterres added.

Israel at the United Nations: “The Security Council’s failure to condemn Hamas is shocking”

The UN Security Council’s failure to condemn Hamas is “shocking”. This was stated by Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Gilad Erdan, during his speech before the Security Council session. He adds that Iran has armed, financed and trained Hamas: “Its central role in the devastation of the region is not addressed here. It is not as if Hamas is fighting Israel alone. Hezbollah missiles have rained down on cities in northern Israel, and Iran does not hide its goal of destroying Israel. Iran’s central role in destabilizing Middle East security is worth raising here? Asks Israel’s Permanent Representative to the UN. “It is clear that the UN has been co-opted by those who have no real interest in reaching a solution. Every UN body has been used as a weapon against Israel.” The ambassador stressed that the attack launched by Hamas on October 7 “is a purely evil and unjustified act,” recalling that on that occasion the largest number of Jews were killed in one day since the Holocaust. “Yet, incredibly, here we are two months later, and Hamas’s brutal crimes have yet to be condemned by the Security Council or any other UN body,” he notes.

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Israel: “We are verifying the news of the death of child Kfir”

“Representatives of the IDF spoke with the Bibas family in the wake of the recent news and are with them at this time,” read an IDF statement posted on the telegram, which confirms that “the IDF, along with other security services, will continue to accompany the Bibas family.” Their families, as well as all the families of hostages and missing persons.”

Hamas: Release the two Russian women

The Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Hamas movement, announced that it had released two women who hold Russian citizenship. This was reported by Haaretz newspaper.

Palestine at the United Nations: “The massacre in Gaza must end”

“The truce must become a permanent ceasefire. The massacre cannot resume. This is not a war. It is a massacre that no one can justify and must end.” This was stated by Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki at the UN Security Council meeting. The Palestinian Foreign Minister continued during the UN Security Council session on Gaza: “Our people He faces an existential threat.” He added: “Whoever is still not sure whether he is against what is happening or whether it should stop, must be sure of his humanity,” stressing that “our people must no longer be deprived of justice.” “Israel does not have the right.” In defending itself against the people and the lands it has occupied – he said again – it does not seek justice, otherwise it wants peace.

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Guterres: “We need a continuous flow of aid to civilians in Gaza.”

“Civilians in Gaza need the continued flow of life-saving humanitarian assistance and fuel into and through the area. Safe and unhindered access for humanitarian assistance to all those in need is critical.” This came in a speech by United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres during a Security Council session. He added: “The pause has allowed us to improve the delivery of aid to Gaza, but the level is still woefully insufficient to meet the enormous needs of more than two million people.” The UN Secretary-General then repeated his clarion call: “Civilians must be protected. Civilian assets, including hospitals, must be protected. United Nations facilities must not be affected. International humanitarian law must always be respected by all parties to a conflict.”

Egyptian sources: “Towards extending the truce for another two days”

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz quoted sources in the Egyptian security services that negotiations between Israel and Hamas are going well. The truce is scheduled to be extended for another two days, while the number of hostages to be released is still under discussion.

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