Latest war news. Israel: “Hamas wanted to use biological weapons.” Gaza, the IDF occupies the courtroom

Latest war news.  Israel: “Hamas wanted to use biological weapons.”  Gaza, the IDF occupies the courtroom

The Israeli army: “Hamas wanted to use biological weapons in Israel, and found the instruction manual.”

Hamas fighters wanted to produce biological weapons, classified as weapons of mass destruction, especially the toxin botulinum to cause mass poisoning in Israel. The IDF denounced this by publishing a 26-page guide, explaining that it was found with some terrorists who entered Israel on October 7. The document, a copy of which was seen by Adnkronos, contains instructions for the production and use of botulinum toxins capable of causing botulism, a disease that affects the nervous system and causes paralysis and even death. The text asks “God Almighty to accept this good deed, which benefits Islam, Muslims, jihad, and those committed to the cause of God against the infidels.” Israeli authorities state that Hamas militiamen did not use biological weapons on October 7. But sources specify that botulinum toxin is one of the deadliest substances, and they claim that just one gram of its purity is enough to kill a million people. This is a scientific fact.” But they point out that “there are some practical difficulties in achieving a sufficient degree of purity and disseminating it on a large scale.” The fact is that botulinum is “an inexpensive biological weapon whose production does not require complex technologies.” Although it is not pure enough to be very lethal, the end result is a powder that can be easily transported and used, inhaled or swallowed. This toxin was developed in a laboratory and can be added to foods or released into the air. In the case of botulinum poisoning, the patient must receive oxygen and an antivenom to act as an antidote. This is the only possible treatment, as Israeli sources explain, adding that postponing administration may lead to death.

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The manual seized from Hamas fighters consists of six chapters. Starting with the one who orders the search for bacteria that produce the poison to separate them from others. The second chapter gives indicators for identifying the conditions necessary for the reproduction of the toxin in the laboratory. Next comes a chapter on how to separate and purify the poison, and another on measuring the concentration and purity of the poison itself. We then talk about how to preserve the poison, and finally, in Chapter 6, how to use it as a “biological weapon.” Then the necessary tools are listed, such as refrigerators, laboratories for conducting medical examinations, an oven for sterilizing and cleaning instruments, a low-temperature drying service, sterilization equipment, tubes for growing bacteria, sealed jars, nets for transporting bacteria, a constant temperature incubator for growing bacteria, and microscopes.

The terrorists themselves are so well aware of the danger of the poison that, as we read in the document, “even a small amount can lead to death after entering the body through the nose or mouth,” so it is warned that “those who handle it must follow careful precautions.” After indicating the series of prayers that will be performed, the document prohibits eating inside laboratories and requires always wearing a mask, glasses, and gloves. It is noteworthy that glasses, other plastic objects and all surfaces should be sterilized with water and a 10 percent bleach solution. She then asks to “take the antidote every two weeks” and explains that this is “available in vaccination centers in most countries.” There is also talk of ‘dead animals’ which ‘should, if possible, be buried with lime to a great depth’. It is also “prohibited to aspirate fluids into the mouth” and “the clothes used must be removed when entering the laboratory.” IMPORTANT, ”To avoid confusion, record data and experimenters.” He also notes that “it is preferable for the laboratory to be located away from residential areas to avoid harm to residents in the event of a bacteriological escape.”

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