On the night of the Russian attack on Lviv, two actors also left Albizati to perform theater for Ukrainian children

On the night of the Russian attack on Lviv, two actors also left Albizati to perform theater for Ukrainian children

the Sirens sounded Like almost every night on the streets groupSmall town Ukraine Far from the war front. It is an arrival signal Missile or drone attack. It is the Russians, the aggressors of the Ukrainian people, who have been targeting them indiscriminately for two years. Military and civilian targets As part of a war of conquest. tonight Some drones hit the target and were dispatched At least 300 tons of humanitarian aid evaporatedaccording to what Caritas Space NGO.

Tonight, to hear the roar of the attack on Lviv, they were there too Noemi Bassani and Stefano TosiHe left with them Squad “Noah’s ship” to Bringing a smile to the faces of Ukrainian children.

“The sound of sirens is something impressive, a sound that sounds like it comes out of movies or old war stories. But here it is real, it is the sound that Ukrainian children grow up with.” This is what Noemi Bassani narrated, Theater actress He left from Albizate with Stefano Tosi With a convoy of colleagues from the world of entertainment as part of the project Theaters Without Borders.

“We are here to send our embrace to these people. This is the meaning of our profession: to do theatre, to do it in places where there is suffering, especially among children. We see them, smiling at our shows, but behind those eyes we see fear. Sirens and bombs. Many have not seen their father or brother since they left for the front».

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Noemi Bassani Stefano Tosi

The names Bassani and Stefano Tosi

Noemi and Stefano are fine Russian drones bombed a few kilometers away From the place that welcomes them these days. This is the Santo Spirito School, run by Greek Byzantine priests. “These days, we tour the surrounding areas of Lviv with our shows in the hope of providing a few moments of distraction,” says Noemi. What we are facing is A people wounded but proud and determined not to give up. There are almost only the elderly, women and children, and everyone else is in the front. Here you can feel the suffering but also the determination. Even the people we meet in refugee camps tell us the same thing: We want our land and to return to our homes, even if the Russians destroy them.”

Stefano and Noemi Company “Noah’s Ark” I did 5 shows Since their arrival in Ukraine. The project also includes a period of theater training for local residents to plant a small seed of hope.

Work completed in Lviv However, it will move to warmer areas closer to the front, such as Kherson, Dnipro and Zaporizhia: «In any case, this project is moving safely, certainly as safe as a country under attack can be – says Noemy -. We will be traveling with the Bishop of Lviv and this gives us security. Regardless of the context, we are really happy to be here. The feelings we can convey are not only the feelings of the show but above all the fact that they feel close to us. May they not feel abandoned. The fact that we are here for them is important. This rewards our efforts.”

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