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The emotional bond between the man e Monkey transcends death. A video published by a Dutch zoologist in 2016 continues to excite the world Jan von Hof, Founder Royal Burger Zoo From Arnhem, in the Netherlands. The world reaches a bed my mom, the elderly chimpanzee dead to 59 years. The zoo’s oldest specimen, the “mother” of the primate colony, was first met by von Hof in 1972. In fact, they lived together for 40 years, every day.

Mama is tired, exhausted from illness, a long torment that makes it hard for her to eat and almost impossible to move, let alone get out of her bed. One day the zoologist found her curled up in a corner. He tries to give her something to feed, and the great monkey can hardly open his mouth. Then Mama managed to turn around and see von Hof in the eye. the scene Moving: The chimpanzee screams for joy and raises his hand to hug A man and his hair ruffle. He recognized him, trying to hug him, as if he had gathered his energy to give him the salutation he deserved. Friend. Perhaps more than a member of his family. A few days later, Mama passed away. But since then, his gesture has not stopped making millions of users around the world cry.

The dying monkey recognizes the man he lives with – watch the video

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