Ukraine – Russia, today’s war news

Ukraine – Russia, today’s war news

She fights 60th day From war and not a day like any other. Exactly two months ago, Vladimir Putin Order to start the invasion Causing thousands of casualties and massive destruction. This anniversary coincides with Orthodox Easter that did not lead to the hoped-for ceasefire: the Russian president participated in a prayer vigil in Moscow while terrorism raged in Ukraine. especially around in Mariupol Where a new one was discovered It was common: And killed in the city of the martyr 28 thousand civilians. Today, the Secretary of State of the United States Anthony BlinkenDefense Secretary Lloyd Austin will be in Kyiv. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky thanked Prime Minister Draghi for Italian support: ‘I’ll wait here’

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10.02 Guterres is in Turkey to meet Erdogan

The United Nations said in a statement that the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, will visit Turkey tomorrow, before heading to Moscow and then to Kyiv at a later time. In Turkey, he will meet with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

9.38 The Russians deploy 20 ships and submarines equipped with missiles in the Black Sea

Threat of attacks on the coasts of Ukraine by a Russian naval group deployed in the Black Sea area of ​​operations with about 20 cruise missile ships and submarines.

9.34 Putin at the midnight Easter mass in Moscow

President Vladimir Putin attended the ceremony hosted by Patriarch Kirill, along with the Mayor of Moscow

9.17 London, “High losses and low morale despite the advance of the Russian army.”

The strong Ukrainian resistance on all fronts inflicted heavy losses on the Russian forces, which were also advancing. Low Russian morale and the limited time to rebuild, re-equip, and reorganize forces after previous attacks are likely to affect combat effectiveness. ”

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07.50 Russian ballistic missiles 60 km from the border

The Russians have placed Iskander short-range ballistic missiles 60 kilometers from the Ukrainian border. This was reported by the Ukrainian General Staff, according to which Moscow’s forces are also shelling Ukrainian positions with mortars, cannons and rocket launchers across the front line in Donetsk.

07.35 Eight killed in Russian attacks in Lugansk

The death toll from the recent Russian attacks in the Lugansk region reached eight. This was stated by the governor of the province, Seri Gaidai.

07.13 Kyiv, restored 8 settlements in the Kherson region

The Ukrainian armed forces regained control of eight settlements in the southern Kherson region, whose main town is under Russian control. This was reported by the Southern Operations Command of the Kyiv Forces, according to reports from the Kyiv The Independent

06:00 Argentina, we will not impose “unilateral sanctions”

Argentine Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero said in an interview with the national news agency Telam that the Argentine government does not see sanctions against Russia as an effective way to resolve the conflict in Ukraine. Cafiero noted that Argentine laws do not even allow the state to impose “unilateral sanctions. On the other hand, Argentina proposes a return to dialogue to de-escalate the situation. We do not believe that imposing sanctions and embargo is a fruitful way to achieve peace, dialogue and diplomatic negotiations,” the minister said.

IAEA 05.15: From Kyiv requests for assistance for its power plants

IAEA Director General Rafael Mariano Grossi said Ukraine has provided the International Atomic Energy Agency (Aiea) with a complete list of equipment that Kyiv claims it needs for the safe and secure operation of its nuclear facilities during the current conflict. Detailed equipment requirements for the Agency will allow for effective coordination and implementation of support to Ukraine. Several member states of the International Atomic Energy Agency have expressed their willingness to provide such assistance to the country.

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03.55. Moscow: 90 foreigners held hostage on board ships

Ninety foreign nationals are “held hostage by the nationalists as human shields” in Ukraine. This was stated by Colonel Mikhail Mizintsev, Head of the Russian National Defense Administration Center. “Ukrainian nationalists continue to hold 90 foreigners from five countries hostage as human shields,” the Russian news agency TASS quoted Mezintsev as saying. According to the official, 76 foreign ships from 18 countries are still trapped in seven Ukrainian ports and unable to sail “due to the danger of heavy shelling and the danger of mines created by Kyiv.”

03.18 Guterres and the United Nations visit Erdogan: “Turkey has an important role”

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres will travel to Turkey on Monday, a country that plays an important mediator role in Russia’s war against Ukraine. This came in a note to the United Nations that the visit precedes the visit of Moscow and Kiev. “The Secretary-General will visit Ankara, Turkey, where he will be received by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on April 25,” the United Nations said. Guterres’ mission will then continue to Moscow on Tuesday, where he will meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin, and then on Thursday in Kyiv in an effort to mediate an end to the Russian invasion.

01.15 Kyiv: “Moscow threatens a chemical attack in Odessa”

Moscow says the Ukrainian special services are planning a provocative chemical operation in the port of Yuzhny in Odessa, to blame the Russian armed forces and accuse them of targeting civilians. A statement that Kyiv interprets instead as a disguised threat in the form of a warning: It will therefore be Russian forces who want to launch a chemical attack on the Ukrainian port, according to the Kyiv Independent newspaper.

00.35 Paris, the European Union stops at Russian oil in a few weeks

French Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire said that the European Union will impose a complete embargo on Russian oil within weeks. This will help stop the flow of foreign currency into Russia, Le Maire added, in an interview with Bfmtv TV channel on the Kyiv Independent channel.

Vladimir Putin at the Orthodox Easter Vigil

Vladimir Putin at the Orthodox Easter Vigil (ANSA)

00.10 from Poland arms worth 1.6 billion dollars

Poland supplied Ukraine with weapons worth about 1.6 billion dollars. Head of the Warsaw Government Press Office Piotr Muller writes on Twitter, relaying what was announced by Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, during the #StopRussiaNOW# initiative conference. Mueller concludes that support “the defense of Ukrainian, Polish and European sovereignty”.

00.01 Six civilians killed in Russian shelling in Luganch district

The governor said that six civilians were killed in a Russian bombing of a village in the Lugansk region. “Gerkeseh village has been under intense Russian bombardment all day long,” Governor Seri Gaidai told Telegram on Twitter. This was reported by the BBC, confirming that it was not able to verify the information independently.

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