March 22, 2023

Hardwood Paroxysm

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“Gas? Let’s change a drug dealer” – Libero Quotidiano

Nothing yet European gas price ceiling: Europe has not yet reached an agreement. But at the same time in Amsterdam Continuing to do what consumers want with all due respect – Families and companies – who can no longer afford the ever-increasing costs. He enjoys instead Russian President Vladimir Putin. he refers to Peter Gomezboss Happening every, guest Massimo Gilletti That “in the Dutch gas market, this is very small unregulated marketworking too GazpromMany believe that the fluctuations we have seen are also due to the maneuvers of Gazprom, and thus to Russia. after in Europe does not do anything‘,” Gomez points out in relation to the broadcast It’s not the ring.

In Europe, proponents of imposing a targeted cap against Russia, on the other hand, believe that it would be pointless to demand additional gas supplies from other countries by imposing on them punitive terms (lower prices) than market conditions. And therefore Differentiate between suppliers It would not be the best solution. Gomez explains: “Of course it would be nice to have more suppliers, but We are just a drug dealer. It’s not that The Arabian Peninsula And the Algeria They are extraordinary countries…”.

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