I found out why I want to kill my mother-in-law »

I found out why I want to kill my mother-in-law »

a girl A 3 year old boy cries and sobs just because he is wearing it Shorts to push Mother To investigate the causes of what may seem like an age-related whim but which hides a much deeper concern. Thanks to the dialogue, the woman was able to discover the real cause of her phobia girland she went on a rampage because it was her daughter who had caused her daughter such great annoyance mother in law. I told my mother what happened in her country family on socialAsk for advice on how to handle the situation.

“My mother wants 18 euros an hour to raise her grandson, but she is the grandmother: she must do it for free.”

“My mother-in-law organized my baby shower but didn’t invite me and told everyone the baby’s name”: the angry mom

The little girl who’s afraid of shorts

the mother wrote in a post posted on reddit. “Grandma told her that it was bad to show her legs and that she should wear long pants or leggings if she was wearing a dress.” The woman explained that she lives with her family in the desert of Southern California, where the summer temperature can reach 50 degrees. “Lately my daughter cries and fidgets when I try to put her in shorts. I thought it was just a phase, but she seemed so upset that I finally got her to talk to me.” And so she found out that her mother-in-law, an ultra-conservative Catholic, humiliated the child because of her “scanty” clothes. “My daughter stays with her grandma three days a week and lately when I pick her up she’s been wearing different clothes and I’m always told she got wet or dirty or something, which is totally believable because they have a big garden and they play outside almost all day” Adds the mother, who determines that she cannot do without her mother-in-law’s help because she cannot afford a surrogate. “I am angry, I would like to kill her,” adds the mother-in-law’s attitude so infuriated that she sought a second job so that she could afford a babysitter. In a later update, she raised the issue with her mother-in-law, with the full support of her husband, but as a suspect it had no effect, but she will continue to insist on this point.

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The mother’s experience has generated quite a bit of controversy among the platform’s users, who are definitely on her side in believing that such a young girl’s body should not be sexual at all and that her mother-in-law’s behavior can cause lasting harm in the girl’s relationship with her own body. The advice many give her is that in addition to talking to her grandmother, it is her daughter who should provide the right tools to understand where the error lies. “Teach your daughter to tell her grandmother to shut up. “If grandma says you shouldn’t show your legs, what do you say?” “Yes, I can!” instilled in her. As she gets older, she will be the steward over her body, no matter who tries to tell her what. She can do with it and what she can’t do.”

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