Israel – Hamas: News from today’s war. Deaths in Gaza at night. Blinken in Tel Aviv

Israel – Hamas: News from today’s war.  Deaths in Gaza at night.  Blinken in Tel Aviv

Schulz: We will ban Hamas in Germany

The German Federal Ministry of the Interior will prevent Hamas from operating in Germany: German Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced this in Parliament, according to the text of his speech published by the government press office. “An association like Samidoun whose members celebrate National Day will be banned. Most brutal acts of terrorism on the streets in Germany will be banned. “Our law on associations is a sharp sword and we, as a strong country with the rule of law, will use it in this case,” Schulz added. The Chancellor’s implicit reference to The demonstration, in which about 50 people participated, on Saturday evening. On the day of Hamas’ attack on Israel, they had gathered in Neukölln, a district southeast of Berlin, to participate in a pro-Palestinian demonstration called by Samidoun. In the afternoon, its fighters distributed sweets to passersby “to celebrate.” “Victory of the resistance,” the organization itself wrote on Instagram. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz stated, in a “governmental declaration” he made this morning before the Bundestag, Berlin’s parliament, that “our history, and our responsibility derived from the Holocaust, impose on us “the permanent duty of defending the existence and security of the State of Israel.” At this moment, there is only one place for Germany: the place that stands firmly on the side of Israel, whose “security” is “Germany’s reason for defending itself. The state,” the Chancellor declared according to the text of his speech, repeating statements he had made in recent days. .

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