One dies instantly. Follow the bullying trail

One dies instantly.  Follow the bullying trail

there Spain In shock: two young girls Twins, 12 years old Together they jumped from the third floor of their home, in the municipality of Salente, an autonomous region of Catalonia, and fell several meters into the void.

Spain: One of the twins died and the other was in serious condition

One of the two sisters is He died instantlyand the other is hospitalized in conditions serious. Those working on the case are looking for the reasons why the twins took the extreme step.

In fact, the tragedy that occurred on Tuesday afternoon did not find an accurate explanation even if the testimonies come from many quarters, which leads one to believe that behind the decision to jump from the third floor there may be a nightmare. bullying.

The Ministry of Education and local police said at the time that there were no reports of bullying. Instead, some relatives and friends explained to local newspapers that the 12-year-olds were already suffering from depression due to bullying and that the school was aware of their situation.

One of the twins was going through a process of gender transition

The reason for the bullying became progressively more real after it was discovered that one of the sisters was having an operation Transition between the sexes. For this she was targeted at school and peers.

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A young man from the school explained: “She cut her hair and asked to be called Ivan but some called her Ivana.” There is no doubt that the two girls were going through a difficult moment and experienced psychological discomfort after they moved to Spain from Argentina with their family about two years ago.


As mentioned before mayor In the municipality of Oriol Ribalta, the family was under the supervision of local social services. Psychological assistance was also provided to the two 12-year-olds in the school where they studied. Investigators, for now, aren’t ruling out any hypotheses.

Mossos d’Esquadra agents work on the dramatic case and try to reconstruct the facts in detail. On the balcony from which the twins had jumped, the officers found two chairs that the sisters could have used to jump off. Furthermore, two handwritten letters were found in the house which are currently being analysed.

At the time the tragic act took place, there was only the father in the house who did not notice anything while the mother was at work.

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