Fun Dan Monday, FDMusic by Dan Arisa

Fun Dan Monday, FDMusic by Dan Arisa

“FDMusic by Dan Arisa” is the new offering of the Fun Dan Mondays art company, which we can already see performing in Kursaal in November 2021 with “Tarb”. Now, they return full of energy with a proposal that mixes pop, Latin and jazz in an amazing way.

The company's original music, led by percussionist Dan Arissa, is the core of all performances, 100% live and with a very modern sound.

Fun Dan Mondays, made up of 15 multidisciplinary artists, connect with audiences through music and performing arts with creations based on their own artistic methodology, incorporating different artistic languages.


Roger Jimenez (piano and moog)

Albert Oliveris (piano and keyboard)

Juan Hernandez “Bitxy” (guitar)

Pepsi Valley (low)

Dan Arisa (drums)

Cinta Masia (voice and percussion)

Josep Masia (voice and percussion)

Judit Escobar (percussion)

Gerard Obach (percussion)

Julia Ortinez (tap)

Nadia Pissarodonna (dance)

Judith Altimiras (dance)

Mark I (artist)


– Celeste alias

-Berta Sala

– Giuseppe Costa

– Lupus Emsembla

– CMMM Youth Company

– Espart from Casal Cultures Dansaires de Manresa

– Drummers from Khaldija


– Julieta Soler School of Dance

-Tarija Dance Studio

– Solsona Dance School

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