The best weapon against HPV is vaccination

The best weapon against HPV is vaccination

March 4th is a memorial day World HPV Awareness Day (Human Papilloma Virus), a sexually transmitted infection, which, according to the Ministry of Health, affects 14.3% of Spanish women, increasing its presence to 29% in young women aged 18 to 25 years. According to the Ministry of Health, infection with HPV is usually asymptomatic and in more than 80% of cases it is transient and the virus is eliminated spontaneously. These data give a false perception of HPV as a harmless infection, which is why it is so important to continue to highlight its danger and educate young people about it. Today, with the help of a clinical trial laboratory Eurofins MegalabWe present in detail a series of tips to prevent these infections.

The importance of vaccination

Papillomavirus infection is usually acquired at an early age, coinciding with the first sexual intercourse. currently, Regional health board It recommends giving two doses at least 5-6 months apart (depending on the vaccine used) for all adolescents aged 12 years.

Test and monitor constantly

The high rate of infection with the virus makes… Human papilloma virus It is the most common sexually transmitted infection in the world. Although it is usually benign in nature, it is important to review your sexual health periodically and include HPV in the other STI tests that we usually perform.

A problem that affects all residents and must be solved quickly

The main route of transmission of this disease mostly arises through direct skin-to-skin or mucosa-to-mucosa contact during vaginal, oral and anal sex. HPV does not cause symptoms in most men, and the body usually clears the infection itself without leaving any sequelae, but they can serve as great vectors of infection. HPV is responsible for 70% of cervical cancers worldwide, and is also responsible for other types such as vaginal, vulvar, penile, or anal cancers.

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