Each zodiac sign has its enemy, and this is your enemy

Each zodiac sign has its enemy, and this is your enemy

If you hate something or someone, don’t give yourself too many explanations: it depends on your sign. Here are your enemies.

Each of us has something or someone we can’t stand. We have often told ourselves that it depends on our personality, maybe it is something inherited or related to our education. Actually it is not like that at all: What we cannot afford depends on the sign of the zodiac under which we were born. Here are things, tag by tag.

Have you ever asked yourself this question: who can be considered the “enemy” of each zodiac sign? The answer to this question is quite remarkable. Today we are going to try to do that because, as you well know, we firmly believe in the fact that the stars in the sky influence our actions and way of thinking in a big way.

The enemy of every zodiac sign

As we well know, theAries It is a fiery, impulsive, and instinctive sign. It makes dynamism and adrenaline their daily bread. For this reason, Aries do not particularly like confrontations, as they risk slipping easily into confrontation. the bull A sign with a head on his shoulders: the one anyone would want as a husband or parent. The downside is that he is sometimes a little lazy: his enemy is change. vital sign and double par excellence as i twins He can’t help but hate being bored and always needing mental stimulation.

Zodiac signs, enemies

Image of the enemies of each sign: ANSA – (designmag.it)

the cancer It is the most sensitive and emotional sign in the entire zodiac. This is why he can get hurt so easily: abandonment and rejection are what Cancer hates. the Lion, The most attractive and vain sign: neglect or neglect lowers Leo’s self-esteem. Then there Bakr, An analytical and detail-oriented sign, he values ​​order and accuracy. Chaos is their opponent, perfect and subtle as they are.

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It is clear who the enemy is balance, The moderate and balanced sign par excellence. Libras never get into confrontation, in fact, they really hate arguments, preferring open communication and compromise. Mysterious and bleak, lo the scorpion He lives betrayal very badly and is ruthless and vengeful on those who betray his trust. the Sagittarius, So he just can’t stand the daily routine and habits: after all, we’re talking about the most adventurous sign of the zodiac.

Methodical and workaholic but also ambitious. the Capricorn He knows what he wants, and he knows he has to get it with hard work, so he hates mediocrity. to’Aquarium It is the most free and independent sign of the zodiac. He likes to look unconventional and eccentric: his main enemy is banality. Finally, for those who, like me Fish He lives in his dream world, the real enemy is reality. A big problem…

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