“Miro’s Most Famous Discovery”, a symposium on the life and work of Joan Miró

“Miro’s Most Famous Discovery”, a symposium on the life and work of Joan Miró

Within the framework of the current exhibition’Miro, 1983On the occasion of International Museum Day 2024 Pilar Foundation i Joan Miro Mallorca Organization A A seminar Conducted by exhibition curator Enrique Juncosa.

Speakers such as Maria Josep Balsach, Elisa Skawnik or Emmanuel Guigon will present a series of lectures that will allow us to delve deeper into the work and life of the Catalan artist. A unique opportunity for art lovers, especially Joan Miró. Through each conference we will discover interesting aspects such as:

  • Romanesque painting and Catalan Gothic art were – for Juan Miró – a constant source of inspiration (lecture by Maria Josep Balsach).
  • How did Pierre Mastis, in such a politically, economically and culturally unfavorable context (1930-1983), manage to establish Juan Miró’s reputation? The relationship between the artist and his dealer (presentation by Elissa Skalonic).
  • How did the Surrealists want to fit the character and painting of Pablo Picasso and Joan Miró? This is evidenced, in addition to copies of artists’ works, by texts published in Surrealist magazines by André Breton, Paul Eluard, Michel Leiris, Robert Desnos, Jacques Prévert, Jacques Baron, Benjamin Perret, Salvador Dali or Man Ray. (Presentation by Emmanuel Guigon)

Programming the lecture series

Mandatory registration In the offers. Limited seating space.

6pm: Guided tour of Miro’s 1983 exhibition by curator Enrique Juncosa

7pm Presentation by Maria Josep Balsach

Eight o’clock in the evening, a cocktail party in the Foundation’s gardens

10.30am Presentation by Elissa Skalonic

11.30 hours coffee break

12 noon Presentation by Emmanuel Guigon

it is one O’clock in the afternoon

2 pm Closing of the symposium

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