“From there the rebirth began. He always believed in science

Three years after the outbreak of the Covid pandemic, and when A.JInvestigation by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Bergamo Claudia Alifernini, senior nurse at the Spallanzani Institute in Rome, tends to shed light on the thousands of deaths in Bergamo between February and April 2020, and recalls with affection those moments “that represented a new birth. Vaccines were meant to protect healthcare workers, the vulnerable, and people we’ve seen die in hospital until recently. As a healthcare worker, I have always had a great faith in science.” His words to the “Special Envoy” on Rai Radio 1 bring back days full of suffering and high hopes.
“We carried out the first vaccination interventions at home with debilitated patients – Claudia’s story continues -. We went inside the homes of people who until then could not leave the house for fear of infection. It was exciting to see the citizens eagerly awaiting the serum.”
The teacher was also vaccinated on that day, December 27, 2020 Maria Rosaria Capobianchi and health care workers Omar Tabli.
“Today is a crucial day. Science and medicine are the only ones This will allow us to get out of this epidemic – Claudia predicted that day, in a voice that betrayed all her feelings -. I have seen with my own eyes how hard it is to fight this virus. That was it.

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