Science, Technology and Technology Week has come to an end at Ferraris IISS

Science, Technology and Technology Week has come to an end at Ferraris IISS

Finished at IISS”Galileo Ferrarisby Molfetta la Science, Technology and Technology Week, which was also very successful in this edition. A calendar of 24 sessions, divided into 7 days.

A highly desirable initiative by the Headteacher, Prof. Louis Melpignano Inside a school that turned into a science, technology and technology castle to give the students of the International Institute for Strategic Studies the opportunity.Galileo FerrarisFrom Molfetta to see what possibilities might be in the future. They relate not only their culture to school activity, but also to the world of work and future university studies specifically.

There were also informational meetings about current community issues, from preventing and contrasting drug use and selling, to bullying and cyberbullying in all its forms, about the complex world of the WEB through the eye of the police,

Large container also launched this year”- assures the principal of the school, prof. Louis Melpignano – “Successfully implemented with many meetings over a week that will continue with these monthly open meetings for Territory Engagement“.

In fact, it is good to give the possibility over the following months”- explains the prof. Milpignano – “Perhaps for meetings with companies or with local facts that stand out in the area, between now and May. Our institute’s interdisciplinary and specialty departments, Biotechnology, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Mechanics will propose meetings“.

An interesting and profitable business that has consolidated over the years“- concludes the professor. Louis Melpignano – “Thank you to those who participated and will participate in the monthly days of science, technology and technology. The common denominator that continues…

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Friday, December 23, 2022

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