Giordano speaks about virologists in the field with the left: we thought it was science instead it was the Democratic Party …

Giordano speaks about virologists in the field with the left: we thought it was science instead it was the Democratic Party …

It’s ridiculous and ruthless at the same time Commentary by Mario Giordano On the Reality About the latest virostar who confessed his love for the left, that is Fabrizio Pregliasco, that applies in Lombardy to support Majorino. Since the attack, Giordano has been a tanker: “We thought it was science, instead it was the Democratic Party“.

Virologists in the field with the left: Lo Palco, Crisanti, and now Pregliasco

The reference to the pandemic is unavoidable, as it has been said that politics should not hinder science. “Now – writes Giordano – we are flooded with scholars (or scholars who claim themselves) who vie for involvement in politics. After the dock Luigi Lo Balco, who became an advisor to the Junta Pd in ​​Apulia, and Andrea Crisanti, who became a member of Parliament for the Democratic Workers Party in the Senate, domain takes Fabrizio Pregliasco“.

Giordano: Are they speaking in the name of science or the Democratic Party?

“It is incredible,” he comments, “that these virologists never ceased to present themselves as impartial, above parties and factions, the purest voice of untainted science, they said they were only inspired by a love of data and medicine. And now it turns out they were burning with political passion instead.” Until yesterday they spoke in the name of science. Now they speak in the name of the Democratic Party. Until yesterday they declared themselves technicians. Now they declare themselves candidates for regionals. This is a bit sinister, because also, who knows why, everyone is on this side.”

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Pregliasco first reduced Covid and then married the penalty line

And on the other hand – he concludes – one must be objective: candidacy is the natural outlet for Verostar. Think about it: If one has specialized in telling lies for nearly three years, how can one not feel comfortable in politics? And it is in this very field, that of various bales, that Brigliasco has proven himself to be a real superstar.” So remember Brigliasco’s “turnaround” on covid and on the initially underrated masks Except then convert “On the prince of severity.”

Borioni and Bassetti: We resist the whistles of politics

Among the doctors touted by television as super-experts on virology, Burioni and Pasetti say for now they don’t want to follow the path of their fellow candidates. “Presentation is a personal choice that I respect,” explains virologist Adnkronos Salute Robert Burioni – I rejected the offer to run for senator from Matteo Renzi in 2018 and have no intention of entering the field in politics, “he echoes him Matthew Bassetti: Best wishes to colleagues who have chosen politics for their future. I am coherent and happy continuing to practice my profession as a university professor and doctor. Medicine and science have no political color and are not democratic.

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