From LIDL A great garden decoration idea: everyone will envy you

From LIDL A great garden decoration idea: everyone will envy you

Spring has begun and to make your garden more beautiful you can try a great idea found at LIDL.

With the beginning of spring, many may decide to beautify and decorate their garden with fragrant and colorful plants and flowers. Those who don't know where to start can take inspiration from the great idea found at LIDL.

Here, in fact, in addition to food, drinks and home and personal hygiene products, you can periodically find DIY and garden ideas, as in this case.

Great LIDL idea for the garden

Those who want to make their garden (but also their balcony) more beautiful You cannot miss the proposals currently available from LIDL for all green lovers.

Strawberry seedlings and other types of plants and flowers are available at LIDL to decorate your garden –

It can be found in German supermarket chain outlets Lots of plants from the Easy Care line, also suitable for those who don't really have a green thumb. Among these there is Beautiful strawberry plants Various types (pineapple perfume “Ostara”, “Santa”, “Sonata” and “Corona”).

Each tray contains 6 seedlings with dimensions of 26.5 x 17.5 x 9.5 cm and a height of 18 cm. The cost is really negligible: €4.99 per tray. In addition to being pretty to look at, these plants can add a touch of sweetness to your garden. From the same Easy Care series, in addition to strawberry plants, There are also other beautiful plants from LIDLsuch as Sansevieria 'Green Hahnii' and Ficus microcarpa, at €3.29 per pot.

The beauty of these plants is also combined with their ease of management and their ability to improve the air quality inside your home. But that's not all: to decorate your garden, there are also LIDL proposals Very green plants such as Ficus Lyrata, Ficus Robusta and Dracaena Marginata Green.

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Starting from March 21, it will be possible to purchase them for only 6.99 euros per jar. These plants add a touch of elegance and elegance to any room in the house. They require little light but regular watering. Finally, for those looking for colorful flowers, Don't miss the Azalea series, available in pink, bi-color, red and white, and Primula Acaulis, available in various colors. The prices of these plants range from 1.49 euros to 5.99 euros per pot.

They will be able to bring a touch of color and aroma to your garden, enriching your green space with bright colors and dozens of shades.

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