Malinowski vs Atalanta who celebrates Miranchuk on social media –

Malinowski vs Atalanta who celebrates Miranchuk on social media –
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On Twitter (X), Atalanta publishes a post to celebrate the goal of its Russian player Miranchuk with the national team. Former Ukrainian Malinovsky responds very harshly: “He contributes to Russian terrorism.”

They were teammates. They helped each other, like two brothers. When Russian Alexei Miranchuk He arrived in Bergamo in 2020, in fact, Ukrainian Ruslan Malinovsky helped him settle in, and it was not unusual for the two players to go out with their teammates for dinner in Bergamo. And a little Days after the outbreak of war, in February 2022, the two hugged on the field. After the Russian goal against Sampdoria. It seems that sports can help unite people. It seems. Now everything has changed: and not only because Malinowski plays for Genoa. The friendship did not last through two years of war.

So when Atalanta published a post on X (former Twitter) to celebrate Alexei's goal that he scored for the Russian national teamRuslan's reaction was the most difficult. He posted four photos of bombed buildings, on fire, a hole in a street, and displaced people in the subway. He wrote a few words: “Contributor to Russian terrorism, every day for two years.” Complete with a top hat icon, the same one Atalanta uses to celebrate their player's goal. Glowing material. No one can know for sure what happened in the relationship between the two. But of course, in the hours of news of the terrorist attack on the concert hall, the tension was further exposed and the controversy emerged in all its intensity.

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To try to shut it down, Atalanta removed the post, which Malinowski also did shortly after. It is too late to pass unnoticed and not leave an excess of sadness in these days.

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March 22, 2024 (Modified March 22, 2024 | 10:50 p.m.)

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