March 20, 2023

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Bad news for consoles, a video game postponed to an unknown date

There’s bad news for console players, as the title has been pushed back to a later date.

2022 will certainly not be remembered by players around the world as a positive year, given many Referrals And the problems that were there. The Next generation console It has been very difficult to find it for much of the New Year, underlining the fact that we are in a very special historical moment, full of difficulties and contradictions. And while there is a filehardware shortage And still can’t get it, there are also big problems for video games. In fact, there are a lot of projects that have been put on hold in recent months.

Bad news for consoles, a video game postponed to an unknown date

On the one hand, it’s good to know Development studios prefer it to take a little longer And working on a product that won’t be on the market when it’s not ready yet. Some kind of operation has become a sad reality, and the Cyberpunk 2077 scandal may have reached its lowest point. On the other hand, dates continue to be set in the individual’s mental calendar which are constantly and irreparably moved around, to the disappointment of everyone. And now there Delayed video gameand a lot.

Console video game delayed, no date

The game we are talking about is a title loved by PC gamers, who especially appreciate this new strategy game. Developed by capacity studios And the aspiringwith saw as a publisher, Humanity It’s a video game 4X compared to civilization. The goal is to lead your faction through different eras of evolution, to progress and become stronger than the other forces in play. The title landed on the PC world last year, and 4 November 2022 It should have finally made it to consoles, but it looks like it won’t.

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Xbox and Playstation
Xbox and Playstation

In fact, through an official press release, SEGA announced that the game is not ready to debut on Playstation and Xbox systems. Apologizing to the players, it appears that at the moment: We cannot declare an exit window, But once we are able to do that, we are happy to share more information about it.”. So we’re talking about important challenges to overcome for protection on consoles, and they’re so tough that there’s not even a date for delay at the moment. We remind you that there are gods Doubts about the future of life are strange after the announcement of Don’t Nodand that’s me Very popular video game servers will be shutting down forever soon.