Frizzy hair is difficult to control, why is there? Science reveals why: It’s incredible

Frizzy hair is difficult to control, why is there?  Science reveals why: It’s incredible

Do you have so curly hair that there is no way to make it flatter? Science is ready to explain why

We know that hair is a person’s first calling card. Women have always been accustomed to wearing long hair, making it grow from an early age, while boys generally prefer to leave it shorter, even if there are exceptions to the rule as in everything. Based on hair type we’ve got, We can indulge in many types of hairstyles.

Frizzy hair can be a problem for many –

In fact, the haircut that we can define as ideal is largely conditioned by the type of hair that each of us has and that seems to never let go of us throughout our lives. We are talking above all about those who by nature have hopelessly straight hair or curly hair. If it is true that none of us are happy with what we have and would always like the opposite, it is also true that for many people Very frizzy or flyaway hair can be a real problem. But perhaps there is a scientific explanation that could be important to it.

Because, according to science, curly hair exists

Today we will show you What does science tell us about curly hair? For if it is true that human beings are named differently and are divided into many races, then this may also have something to do with our hair. In fact, the environment and climate, as well as our history and anthropological ancestry, can greatly influence our hair. This is not something to underestimate, precisely because many of us do not usually give much importance to hair, considering it and treating it on a superficial level.

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Frizzy hair is more frequent in the heat
Those who live in hot countries have frequently curly hair – Credit

But what would have been shown according to some scientific research is that our hair can defend and protect us: it can therefore represent, if necessary, our friend, as well as our enemy. It’s a bit like skin: there are those with more resistant hair and those with thinner, more brittle hair. This fact can be related, for example, to quantities Sun light We are exposed every day.

In fact, the population They have this property more, they seem to be more on the African continent, where the desert reigns supreme and the sun shines more strongly than in Europe or Asia. So curl and volume will help Protect yourself from the scorching heat and it also seems that they can be beneficial elements for the health, growth and proper functioning of our brain system.

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