Scudetto Finals, Match 3: Virtus Segafredo Bologna-EA7 Emporio Armani Milano Live script and broadcast

Scudetto Finals, Match 3: Virtus Segafredo Bologna-EA7 Emporio Armani Milano Live script and broadcast


Virtus Segafredo Bologna – EA7 Emporio Armani Milan


Virtus Segafredo Bologna And EA7 Emporio Armani Milan They meet three days after the second match to challenge each other to a decisive match to advance in the final scudetto series. Olympia in the future 2-0 After winning both games at home and will try to break through the Segafredo Arena to put Virtus up with their backs to the wall. On the other hand, Vu Nere has only one chance: to win the third match to reduce it to 2-1 and keep the series alive in view of the fourth round, scheduled for Friday, June 16, at 20.30, again at home. Wooden floor.
Game 3 of the tournament finals between Virtus Segafredo Bologna and EA7 Emporio Armani Milano is also available live on TV. Eurosport 2 And nineand in the live broadcast Discover +.


Milano-Virtus, Brawl in Race-2: Only fines, no disqualifications

06/12/2023 at 16:02

Live blogging of the match

Final score 69-61 – Virtus wins and reopens the series by defaulting to 2-1!

Coach Ettore Messina conceded defeat and entered his second quintuple for what was left of the match. However, Biligha and Baldasso had the strength to bring Olimpia back to inside 7 with 1′ from the end, and then Cordinier and Pajola put the score on ice. Race 4 is set for Friday 16th June at 20.30, broadcast live on Eurosport 2, NOVE and discovery+.

65-53 in the 38th minute – Glacial Hackett: A crucial hat-trick to put Virtus back into a double-digit lead

Hackett puts a triple +10 on a pass from Shengelia, Mele counters with a half hook, but Teodosic reopens the gap by inserting Napier into the transition. The exclamation mark comes with Mickey dunking for +12 which pushes Coach Messina into a timeout!

58-51 in the 36th minute – Millie hits back at Ojeleye, Scarullo timeout

Bologna reacts to the hosts’ mini-break with a dunk by Ojeleye, but Mele responds to a pass from Napier, and Coach Scariello calls a time-out. Messina now plays everything with a very small quintet: Mellie from the middle and Hall from the 4 representing Shengelia.

56-49 in the 34th minute – Virtus sinks the blade, Shields and Baron keep Milan on their toes

Belinelli taunts Olimpia’s backdoor defense with an assist from Pajola, Baron responds by backing in a central hack. Shields Belinelli blocks and then puts up a triple in the middle of the transition for -7.

54-44 AL 32′ – Freeze attacks to open the fourth period

Cordinier opens the third period with 2/3 of the line after a foul by Hines. Milan opens with Ricci on the offensive rebound.

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52-42 End of the third quarter – Belinelli marks a +10 Virtus in the 30th minute

Napier floats and scores with a central hack, but Belinelli responds with an off-balance basket to bring Virtus back to +10 on the final break.

50-40 AT 28′ – Bologna is dominant, Teodosic inspires with his charm

Teodosic shines by giving a nice assist to Hackett who returns +11 to Virtus. Millie makes 1/2 in line after being retrieved by Datome.

48-39 in the 26th minute – Bologna stretched, and Milan held on to Hall’s hat-trick

Bologna goes double digits with Mickey on the counterattack and coach Messina has to stop the game. Milano returns to the field and breaks free with a well-designed triple to Hall, but Mickey continues to hit a pass from Teodosic. Hall scores another bomb for -7, but Milan misses the chance to keep running: Shengelia steals and crushes at the break!

42-33 AT 24 ‘- Virtus accelerates, break is in the air

Decisive moment for Milan: Napier loses two balls in a row and Shields eliminates his third foul on Ughelli in the second half (2/2 in line).

40-33 AL 22′ – Teodosic lights up early in the second half

The second half begins with Hackett’s basket off the offensive rebound, Napier tries to get the pace back with a central hack. Scarullo still trusted Teodosic at the start of the fifth of the second half and the Serb thanked him with several mean baskets. Milan is still on the heels of a beautiful execution by the approaching Millie.

34-29 in 20′ – starts over!

The first possession of the second half in the hands of Olimpia.

separator – stats

Virtus shoots very well from two (8/10, 80%) but struggles from the arc (5/18, 28%) and doesn’t go very far to the line (3/4, 75%). Olimpia has very low overall percentages: 5/15 from two (33%), 5/19 from three (26%) and 4/7 in line (57%). The number of rebounds is restricted (19-19), but offensive lenses are very important: 9 for Milan against 4 for Bologna. Olympia lost 5 balls to 7 to Virtus. Juventus scorers Marco Bellinelli, Daniel Hackett and Milos Teodosic lead with 6 points, and Milan have 13 points from Billy Baron and 5 from Shavon Shields, who was on the field for only 8 minutes due to bad problems.

34-29 End of the second quarter – Shields keeps Milan alive, Virtus runs with Hackett

On his return, Shields extends Olympia’s lead to 0-7 with a one-and-one with an assist from Voigtmann. Virtus broke the negative moment with Hackett: first they scored Hackett’s massive basket on a baseline curl in Napier’s face, and then, after conceding a second foul by Napier himself, put 1/2 down the line. Olympia has one last possession in hand to get back together, but loses the ball, again with Napier, negative this first half.

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31-26 AL 18′ – AC Milan reacts to Baron and Shields, time out Scariello

Shengelia continues to create from the party who offers Mickey a kiss. Baron responds at the end of a very hard job for Milan. Shields, returning to revive the red and white offense with two fouls against him, runs away with the counterattack and hits -5 which forces Coach Scarillo to call a timeout.

29-22 in the 16th minute – a hat-trick for Hackett and Teodosic: Virtus fly into the crisis in Milan

Coach Messina calls the time out on his team’s struggles, but Virtus hits again with his parlor in the center of the area and a hat-trick from Hackett helps the move to +6. A new deadline for Messina in the middle of the second quarter. On his return, another foul by Napier, a bomb by Teodosic +9 and a 10-0 run! Only Olympia was opened at Baron’s line, 2/2.

21-20 in the 14th minute – Virtus overtook Pagola, Gaiteh and Milan in a major attacking crisis

Pagola continues to carry his black-and-white attack on his shoulders and edge past the goal line 2-2 to give his team the first advantage of the evening. Baron breaks the host’s drought with a hat-trick in the second half after a pass from Napier, but Gaeteh is now working well on the counterattack and making a new counter pass.

17-17 AT 12′ – bad attacks, pajula hook

Pagola opened the second quarter with a fine draw from the middle of the area to equalise, but now the game was stifled and fragmented on both sides of the field. Olympia struggled for some time to find clean shots after a good start.

15-17 end of the first quarter – Milan are struggling now, but are still at +2 in first rest

Issues with Shields, she was called to the bench with two charged fouls already (both whistled off the ball). Ojeleye falls short by aggressively attacking the color player, but Milan, on the break without Napier on the court, manages to capitalize on two free throws with Datome on the edge of the siren (1/2) to fix +2 in the first interval.

13-16 AT 8′ – Bellinelli and Teodosic repair Milan’s first tear

Olimpia is looking for the first small stretch at +6 with a lucky hat-trick from Baron from the corner, but Belinelli and Teodosic immediately respond with two baskets like the great champions. Olympia takes the lead again with another bomb, which Richie scores.

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7-10 AL 6′ – Crucial offensive rebounds in this kickoff

Milan performs well in attacking rebounds, Voigtmann wins a mistake but scores 0/2 on the line. Then Shegelia counters with the same coin, supporting exactly as an offensive rebound. Voigtman replaces himself with a crush with help from Heinz, always from a second chance.

5-8 AT 4 ‘ – Belinelli lights up, Millie replies

Belinelli lights a great hat-trick on Shields’ face, but Milan reacts with a good two-player match between Voigtmann and Melli, who crushes.

2-6 in the second minute – Barron and Napier, Olympia opens with a triple

Milan opened the match by immediately hitting from the arc with two straight hat-tricks from Baron and Napier. Virtus is released after about two minutes with a dunk by Mickey with Shengelia’s help.

0-0 – Let’s get started!

First possession managed by Milan.

The five starting players selected by Coach Ettore Messina for Race Three: Shabazz Napier, Billy Baron, Shavon Shields, Johannes Voigtmann and Niccolo Meli. Olympia also confirmed the presence of 12 players already present in the first two matches of the forum.

The five starting players selected by coach Sergio Scarillo for Race Three: Daniel Hackett, Marco Bellinelli, Isaiah Cordinier, Toko Shengelia and Jordan Meeke. The 12 players who have already been seen in the first two games of the series have been confirmed on the score sheet.

All available to both coaches despite the incidents that broke out at the end of Race-2. the ineligibility from on against Milos Teodosik And Daniel Hackett Converted to a fine of 6,000 euros Total. On the other hand, Olympia paid a fine of $ 12,000 euros to avoid Set aside the Forum Mediolanum in Assago for a day and poured another 3000 euros To suspend the shift imposed a Paul Pelegaejected in the final game 1.

Eurosport friends, greetings from Daniele Fantini and welcome back to our rendezvous with the live blog of Race -3 Among the finals and scudetto Virtus Segafredo Bologna And EA7 Emporio Armani Milan. A very delicate game awaits us, made even brighter by the eternal rivalry between the two most important and most successful historical arenas of Italian basketball.

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