Friends review on May 6, What Happens in the Semi-Finals: Elimination and Finalists

Friends review on May 6, What Happens in the Semi-Finals: Elimination and Finalists

One week left until the Amichi 22 final. In fact, the last chapter of the talent show hosted by María De Felipe will take place on Sunday 14 May. who will win? Meanwhile, the truth is that Ameche has been stronger than Covid: some competitors and some technicians have tested positive for coronavirus in the past few days, and thus the semi-final registration has been postponed for a few days. However, the Canale 5 talent show did not stop, and therefore everything continued regularly.

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the difference

after Exceptions Megan, Ndj, Gianmarco, Piccolo G, Samu, Alessio, Federica, Ramon and KrecaSix competitors remain in the race. Here are the previews for the episode of Amici 22 that aired Saturday, May 6 in prime time on Canale 5. We are now sold out, the circle is getting closer and closer around the finalists.

Rudy Zerbe – Alessandra Celentano: singer Aaron and dancer Isobel.

Lorella Cucarini Emmanuelle Lu: singer Angelina and dancer Maddalena.

Arisa Raymondo Todaro: singer Wax and dancer Mattia.

Isobel and injury

During the Saturday, April 29th evening episode of The Australian Dancer Isobel Kinnear He had to leave the practice to entrust himself to the care of a physiotherapist due to a arm problem occurred during the performance. His fans immediately worried, fearing that he would not be able to participate in the semi-finals. However, the problem is fortunately resolved within a short time and so the dancer is a regular participant in the competition.

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Competitors to be finished at polling They are xxx and xxx. And as usual, Maria De Filipe announced at home the name of the removed player at the end of Saturday’s episode.


The favorites to win the final are singer Angelina and dancer Isobel. But beware of the potential final shot of singer Aaron.

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