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broken parents Rossano Rubicondi. ex husband Ivana TrumpIn addition to a showman, he hid his illness from everyone. Even Claudio and Rosa’s parents know nothing. They told her afternoon 5, conducted by Canale 5 program Barbara Dorso. Here, on the October 31 episode, the mother also wanted to provide clarification: “We were devastated by the news. We knew nothing. We knew nothing about Rossano’s disease and this thing left us speechless. They called us from America to inform us of Rossano’s death and told us how it really went. “.

In fact, Rubicondi had not died of melanoma: “Rosano was going into the bathroom and a vein exploded in his lung, so he fainted and hit his head in the bathtub. He was there alone for hours.”. A heartbreaking story also affected the presenter, who is Rossano’s friend for some time.

“Rossano – continued his mother – is trying to use a little clarity, I guess he doesn’t want to tell us to protect us, not to make us worried, but we We would have liked to know so we could help him. We know that Ivana Trump helped him in all respects, on the economic and health level, but we are the parents … we would have liked to know. We’re grateful to Ivana that they haven’t been together for 15 years, but she didn’t hesitate to help him and so we’ll share the ashes with her. Thank you very much for helping him out in a moment, a year, which must have been very difficult The liver tumor that no one knew about Nothing but her.”

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