This is why Raymondo Todaro’s wife has not danced for a long time: Francesca Tocca is injured

This is why Raymondo Todaro’s wife has not danced for a long time: Francesca Tocca is injured

Francesca Toca hasn’t danced for long. In the challenge among the masters, Raymondo Todaro’s wife dances with her husband: only now does it appear why the dancer has not danced for so long.

There was a very emotional moment, which was broadcast to both the studio and the audience at home during the evening of Amechi on April 8. It was about dancing in between Raymond Todaro And Francis touches. A moment that occurred during the challenge between the masters who, based on their skills, chose to perform on a series of evergreen pieces. So Raymondo Todaro chose to dance with his wife.

The return of Francesca Tuca

The choreography is based on the notes of the song “La notte”, which was sung by Arisa. Francesca Toca and Raimundo Todaro round out this song that made the history of the Sanremo Festival, as well as being one of the most beautiful songs of Arisa. Maria De Filippi, at the end of the show, wanted to speak to Francesca Toca: “I wanted to tell you publicly that I’m glad to see you dancing again. You’re always so good. I’m really happy.”

Injury in October: broken foot

Only now the reason why the dancer had not danced for so long appeared. Francesca Tuca had suffered a serious injury last October. Too long outage due to a serious broken foot. The rehabilitation process was complex and long. Maria de Filippi wanted to publicly support Francesca Tocca. Big feelings also from Francesca Toca’s husband, Raymondo Todaro. It was a good time.

Raymondo Todaro’s message

Raimondo Todaro shared a message on Instagram right after the performance. “One of those nights you’ll never forget,” he said.

One of those evenings that you will never forget.
Thanks to @arisamusic, it was an honor to dance to the tunes of this amazing song and your lively voice gives me goosebumps.
Thanks to my half @francescatocca after so many years we had a few hours of the training room properly and sharing the @amiciufficiale stage with you was an indescribable emotion.
Thank you all for the love you show me every single day

pregnancy rumours

Francesca Tuca’s absence from the scenes throughout this time has been accompanied by some rumors of an alleged pregnancy. In fact, fans of the couple imagined that his absence was due to a sweet wait. In fact, many Twitter users were surprised to learn about the foot injury that has kept the dancer and wife of Raimondo Todaro out of action for so long.

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