New surprise B-Suv Skoda 2023-2024 arrives cheap and complete within the VW range

New surprise B-Suv Skoda 2023-2024 arrives cheap and complete within the VW range

Skoda It announced its intention to launch a new B-SUV city car with compact proportions, which will be sold at a price of less than 25,000 euros. The currently unnamed model will replace the Citigo-e iV in the Czech automaker’s lineup, and will be built in synergy with production versions of Volkswagen’s recent ID 2all and Cupra UrbanRebel concepts.

the The new Skoda B-Suv It will be based on Volkswagen’s modular MEB platform, which was designed specifically for electric vehicles. In this way it can offer a range of battery options with capacities from 24 to 45 kWh, offering an estimated range of 200 to 400 kilometres. The car will be equipped with an electric motor that will deliver power from 100 to 150 kW.

And then it will be equipped with Many advanced technologiessuch as driver assistance and connectivity systems, including the ability to connect to the fast charging network, which will allow the car to reach an 80% charge in less than 30 minutes.

the Debut in the new Skoda B-Suv Expected by 2025, the model should be an attractive option for those looking for an affordable electric vehicle with compact proportions suitable for city driving. Let’s see everything:

  • Savings and completeness for the new B-Suv Skoda 2023-2024

  • New models and updates from Skoda coming soon

Savings and completeness for the new B-Suv Skoda 2023-2024

the The upcoming Skoda B-compact SUV It will form the base level of the brand’s range of cars within the Volkswagen Group. It will be one of the first cars to feature the Czech company’s new design language. It will feature a compact, but at the same time high ground design, typical of SUVs.

the new Entry level modelall-electric, will be positioned as a replacement for the Skoda Fabia It will be marketed in parallel with the latter for a few years, according to the company’s strategy to support sales of internal combustion engine cars, while moving towards an all-electric range.

This will be the B-Suv Among the first cars of the Volkswagen Group It will be developed on the MEB front-wheel drive platform, which will be available in two battery sizes: 38 kWh and 56 kWh. The vehicle’s range can reach more than 450 kilometers.

New models and updates from Skoda coming soon

Skoda is currently in transition, with the introduction of a family Enyaq iV for electric vehicles. Pending the arrival of other battery-powered models, including the budget B-Suv, it plans to replenish its range of cars.

the kodiaq from skoda, It has been sold since 2017, and will receive a new facelift. The changes will affect the front and rear of the vehicle, allowing it to remain competitive through 2026. The new Kodiaq will feature a plug-in hybrid drivetrain, which is currently available on the vehicle platform but has yet to be exploited.

until the Kamiq compact crossover It will undergo a facelift and will be introduced by the end of 2023. The cosmetic changes will be minor and should not affect the look of the car. The Kamiq, which is based on the MQB A0 platform, will continue to use three- and four-cylinder petrol engines, without the option of hybrid engines.

in a similar way to KamikSkoda’s Scala will also undergo a restyling that includes minor cosmetic changes. The Scala’s engine range, which includes petrol engines such as the 1.0 TSI EVO and 1.5 TSI, will remain unchanged, without the introduction of hybrid drivetrains.

The fourth generation of Skoda Superbwhich will offer comfort, spaciousness, and competitive pricing compared to premium competitors, is expected to be launched in the summer of 2024, following a presentation earlier this year.

The new Superb will be available As a sedan and as a coupe, and Superb Combi, and will be based on the MQB platform. The range of engines is expected to include both petrol and diesel units, as well as new proposals for plug-in hybrid propulsion systems.

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