Emma Marron, the sheer horror is back: ‘Help…’

Emma Marron, the sheer horror is back: ‘Help…’
The terror of Emma Brown – Lineadiretta24.it

Singer Apulian confides in her fans by telling her about a shocking episode that happened recently.

Emma Brown She rose to prominence in 2009, thanks to her participation in Amici, the popular talent show Canal 5. An experience that proved decisive for her career. Indeed, after winning the victory, she begins to publish her first songs, and immediately achieves a resounding success.

Thanks to her compassion and talent, she managed to win the hearts of millions of people, who continue to follow her every step. It is no coincidence that Emma counts her profile beauties 6 million followers. A great achievement for an Italian artist of her caliber!

Horror Emma Brown

He had to face many obstacles in his life. One of all types of uterine cancer, he was diagnosed in 2008, shortly before he was admitted to Amici. A very difficult moment for the artist, who was given only two months to live if the surgery did not go well.

The terror of Emma Brown - Lineadiretta24.it
The terror of Emma Brown – Lineadiretta24.it

But thanks to her determination and sunny personality, she was able to recover from this shocking episode, but she could not have imagined the success that awaited her so soon after that. Success came suddenly and today she is considered one of the most famous and appreciated Italian artists by the public.

However, her career was not limited to singing alone. In fact, over the years we’ve also seen her as an X Factor judge, along with Mika, Manuel Agnelli, and Hell Raton. Last year, we found her again on stage at the Ariston Theatre, where she sang to the sheet music every time it was like that.

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In fact, this is not Marron’s first participation in the Sanremo Festival. She also participated in the 2011 editions, paired with Modà and in 2012 with the song Non è l’inferno, which she was crowned winner. The former X Factor judge took part in 2015, albeit as a valet alongside Tuscan captain Carlo Conte.

We now know everything about her, but there are still some details that fans don’t know about her, especially about her private life. The singer recently shocked fans when revealed his greatest fear. In a story posted on his profile, he would admit to his fear of flying by writing: “helps”. The fear we know is shared by many people.

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