GF Vip 7, a football player in the cast? Signorini spoils the son of…

GF Vip 7, a football player in the cast?  Signorini spoils the son of…

Alfonso Signorini posted on Instagram another clue about one of the contenders entering Big Brother Vip 7. Football immediately launched several hypotheses: from some ex-Serie A players to what seems very likely, that he is a very son. Famous …

Social clues posted by Alfonso Signorini on competitors from Big Brother VIP 7. This time there is a certainty that he is a man, and as it always happens, starting with the photo you shot conductor, There have been several hypotheses about who mysterious rival Who quickly passes through the red door of the house GF Vip.

Hint Posted in Instagram it’s a football White and blue, but also the song chosen by Alfonso Signorini seems to be a hint of a mysterious identity: “Sole Mio x”, which immediately refers to the Naples. And so, on social media, here’s the full name: Will there be a famous footballer in the house of GF Vip 7? To tell you the truth, the most likely option is Son

GF Vip 7: Diego Maradona Jr at home?

GF Vip 7, a football player in the cast?  Signorini spoils the son & # 8230;

The first hypotheses were those of some Former football players that are already attracted to the world of entertainment. Could be one of them Walter Zinga, Already indirectly the protagonist Big Brother Vip 5, In the edition in which his son participated Andrew, That on that occasion he rediscovered the relationship with his father.

Another option, which would also bind the directory Naples, is what he’s talking about Ciro Ferrara. Already a columnist on several football-themed radio shows, could the former Neapolitan footballer land reality TV?

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And then, here comes the name that seems most likely: it is Diego Armando Maradona Jr., The Son From Maradona , who has been a guest of Barbara D’Urso several times to ask for acknowledgment of paternity and obtain it later. The a ball Apparently the photo of Alfonso Signorini is the same that he held in Maradona Jr’s hand in the last Instagram post: he will be the next contender for GF Vip 7?

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