February 5, 2023

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The Best Pandoro in the Supermarket According to Altroconsumo: Ranking 2022 in the Cook Preview

Best Pandoro in the supermarket? I The Tre Marie «Magnifico Pandoro» and Pauli the Pandoro of Verona. And if this judgment seems obvious to you given the brands’ notoriety, know that they follow it very closely Pandoro brand by supermarkets and discount stores. The association’s annual analysis proves it post consumption in order to birthdayAnd the In addition to the panettone orderis another dedicated to this other Inevitable dessert To provide us with an additional tool for selection and to help us understand the differences, including price, between one product and another.
This year we sift Altronconsumo 9 Pandora from many brands, subjecting them, as always, to three tests. The first is Laboratory test, and works to understand whether the pandoro considered respects the rules laid down in the special ministerial decree protecting this historic dessert. In particular it happens Which does not contain any fat other than butter or cocoa butter, that it contains a certain amount of egg yolk, and that the yeast is natural. discounted? Far from it: The shelves are full of low-fat fax products or egg powder. Lab tests on all nine gave excellent results, except Pandoro Baloccowith butter content at max.
Always Balocco, along with pandoro Melegatti and Dal Collethen among the least appreciated pandora during the second and third trials, ie Tastings by a jury of pastry chefs and one of the 60 consumers: They did not always consider it sufficient because of the smell and taste. Surprisingly for consumers, Pandoro’s top product – and thus reported as a “Best Buy” by Altroconsumo – isPandoro Duca Moscati from Eurospin.
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