Silvia Tuovanen is perfect and never seems to age: is it thanks to the surgeon? Before and after leaves no room for doubt

Silvia Tuovanen is perfect and never seems to age: is it thanks to the surgeon?  Before and after leaves no room for doubt

For presenter Silvia Tuovanen, time never seems to pass: the elixir of youth or the skilled touch of a surgeon?

Showgirl and presenter Marostica Silvia Tuvanen She arrived in the world of showbiz in a completely random way: at the age of 17, while at a disco with some friends, she came across the selections for Miss Italy, and soon got into the band “Sash Girl Top Model Veneto Tomorrow”.

After that, she started her modeling career in the capital, but thanks to her agency “Elite Model Management” she also walked on important European catwalks.

Success came in 2001 thanks to Choose the Passaparola program: That year Silvia Tuovanen augmented the “letters” ranks alongside showman Jerry Scotti, and the rest is history.

After hosting 7 successive editions of the thematic program “Nonsolomuda” on Canal 5, she worked as a correspondent for the program “Verissimo”, inheriting its hosting in 2006 from her colleague Paola Perego. Moreover, since 2002, she has been romantically linked to the entrepreneur and CEO of Mediaset Bersilvio Berlusconiwith whom he has children Lorenzo Mattia and Sofia Valentina, and his weekly double date with “Verissimo” consistently sets record ratings.

Silvia Tuvanen, a photo of Amarcord appears, which bears witness to the truth

The presenter protects her own experience of teeth and nails, and He keeps his offspring out of the spotlight; Her relationship with the wealthy scion seems to be going smoothly, and it cannot be ruled out that it is both Finally marriage In the near future.

In fact, the late Silvio Berlusconi supported the idea of ​​marriage a few months after his death, and his son intended to fulfill his father’s wish. Moreover, the couple never gave any indication of a crisis, nor did they spark any gossip: Will 2024 be a good year for orange blossom? Waiting to see if the two will achieve the desired relationship.”Yes“, let’s analyze the physical appearance of Silvia Toffanen. For the attractive citizen of Vicenza, time seems to have taken shape: Long, shiny chocolate hair, glowing skin, and a slim, athletic silhouette: At 44 years old, the presenter maintains a fresh and seductive image not much different from the one she first appeared on the program “Passaparola”. Thanks to a healthy lifestyle and meticulous beauty routine, or Is there a surgeon’s hand? Here is an eloquent comparison between the present and the past…

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Silvia Tuvanen – (web source)

Silvia Tuovanen: natural beauty or invisible touches?

The two mirror images indicate that Silvia Tuovanen has maintained her natural beauty over the years. In fact, the presenter’s photo looks almost identical to the photo of her first appearance on TV: herself Fatty but balanced mouthfeelHigh, sculpted cheekbones and luminous skin.

Silvia Tuvanen may have resorted to some tautology, but even this possibility remains in the realm of hypotheses: the comparison between past and present seems Surgical intervention is completely excluded Aesthetic!

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