In Turin we play (for free) with the flag

In Turin we play (for free) with the flag

Wins the Scientific and Technological Day

Many free workshops for children from 4 to 14 years old

Saturday, March 18th, from 3 to 7 p.m. | Via Travis 28, Turin

Reservation at the following link:

Fly a plane with a real flight simulator, explore the human body, and discover math, physics and logic with tiny robots EDO, Learning by playing with bricks DUPLO®, try your hand at building a working wind turbine and experience augmented reality. Be a photographer for a day and discover all the energy to live in a greener world.

They are just some of Free workshops Proposed by WINS – Global International School in Turin Saturday 18 March marking Win Science and Technology Day. The afternoon is for all children between the ages of 4 and 14 who want to enjoy science, math, robotics, technology and digital creativity… from 3 to 7 p.m.The International School campus at Via Traves 28 will be converted to A huge science and technology playground Through which young participants will be able to move freely and become little scientists for one day.

Numerous activities and experiments have been carried out by various expert partners in the sector and by WINS teachers who will be holding laboratories in English, to combine language and science in an afternoon of fun and learning.


Bricks 4 Kids® – “I like to eat… well”
Learn the importance of healthy eating and have fun with DUPLO® blocks.

Turin Flying Club – “Prepare to take off!”

Buckle up and take command of an airplane with a flight simulator that will make you a pilot for a day under the supervision of professional pilots.

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E. Do – Forget books for a moment and learn to code with e.DO bots! ” With WINS guru

Use e.DO bots to discover the secrets of programming and develop inductive reasoning.

Italy – “Science for all”
Build a wind turbine, craft a car with motion sensors, and make your home smarter for a more sustainable future.

Venco Services Srl – “Explore the world of cyber security”

Participate in the workshop and learn more about IT security!

photography workshop –I’ll tell you some tricks for your photos! “

Learn to master your camera better with the advice of professional photographer Vincenzo Solano.

EICOM “Make Seed Bombs, Flavored Salt and learn how to power up with the Poddy Amulet”

Experiment, create and have fun discovering nature and all forms of energy for a greener world.

recordings “Let’s play with augmented reality!”

Play as a 3D character you created and view 3D objects moving in the surrounding space.

LARC group “Discover the human body!”

Build a skeleton with all its bones and learn to identify the organs.

Science lab wins: Lots of workshops by WINS International Teachers: Let’s learn how temperature affects motion, how ice interacts with other materials, how to scan oceans with sonar, let’s dive into physics, chemistry, biology…and much more!

Wins Science and Technology Day in collaboration with: Aeroclub Turin, Brix 4 Kids®, E. DoAnd icom Larc Group, Rekordata, Venco Services SR , Photographer Vincenzo SolanoYGA Italy.

Entrance is free when booking on the following link:

WINS – Turin World International School

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Via Travis 28, Turin

Tel. 011197 2111

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