Francesco Totti was surprised again under Noemi Bocchi’s house, spending the night there

Francesco Totti was surprised again under Noemi Bocchi’s house, spending the night there

The love story between Francesco Totti and Noemi Bocchi continues. The captain was surprised again under the house of the 34-year-old beautiful. Arrived at 9:30pm last Thursday, and checked out the next morning.

On the days when Elari Place Enjoy his vacation in Al-Saboudia with his friends, Francesco Totti I got to know Noemi Bocchi. The law clarifies the latest photos published by the weekly From and expect it Dagosbya. In the report to be included in an upcoming issue on newsstands, the captain will be shown arriving at the new torch house around 9:30 p.m. on Thursday, July 28. Totti slides into the gate to my bedroom to stay there all night. The next day, around 10.30, Bocchi was the first to go through the front door to get out. According to the magazine directed by Alfonso Signorini, the woman is aware of the presence of paparazzi stationed under her house, so, at first, she hoped in vain that she could take them with her to leave Francesco freely to go away. But the paparazzi stayed, and soon after, it was Totti himself who left the gate of Noemi’s house. The photos show, then, that the captain spent the night there.

Elari Blasi in Sabaudia with her daughters Totti with Christian in Rome

As Totti arrives at the apartment of a new flame, his ex-wife Elari Blassie was in Sabbath With daughters Chanel and Isabel. Little Christian stayed at home in Rome with his father to continue football training. Ilary has posted dozens of photos from his vacations. The presenter was not as active on social media as he was in this period.

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Changing the guard in Al-Sabidia: Totti arrives, Elari leaves

It was only in these hours that the former couple changed hands in Villa Sabaudia which for years had been the summer meeting place of the Totti family. Elari spent the last days of July there and then left a few days earlier when Francesco arrived. between the two only Key exchange cold goodbye. It is not clear if Ilary will return to Rome or if he is about to depart for a new exotic destination. In al-Sabudiyeh, on the other hand, there are those who hope for the arrival of Naimi.

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