“Meghan Markle is angry and hysterical”: burning discoveries

“Meghan Markle is angry and hysterical”: burning discoveries

‘Angry and hysterical’ against the palace: Meghan Markle in a storm. Some, hitherto top-secret details of her court life have emerged that have cast new shadows on the Duchess of Sussex and her husband Harry. In a burnt new autobiography, the former actress is said to have thrown a cup of hot tea at a soldier. And only because she was really, really upset.

it’s up to Meghan Markle Trembling this time. After the interview with Oprah Winfrey Where Sussex denounced The actions of the royal family accusing them of racism and indifference towards them, now in the biography, Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the War between the Windsor Housesjournalist Tom PowerThey tell the background of the former actress’s court life which is certainly not satisfying.

Meghan Markle and the cup of tea against the army

Among the various moments recounted in the book, a gesture made by Ms. Markle is also described which seems really unsettling. The episode allegedly happened during the Sussex’s trip to Australia in 2018, a few months after their wedding. It seems that in that round, Megan is angryThrow A cup of boiling tea on the army. the reason of that A “scary” reaction? I suspect William was jealous of the success of the Sussexes in Australia. Such suspicion would have infuriated Meg, who in turn vented her anger in this way. Meghan was also alleged to have insulted the governor and his wife “by swearing like a drunken sailor”.

Not only that, according to rumors in the book, Harry’s wife would have threatened to stop the tour if her friend Jessica Mulroney hadn’t reached out to her. A source close to Palazzo said: “William was shocked and appalled by the behavior of his sister-in-law, which he was jealous of.” Harry is sixth in the line of succession to the throne and Meghan’s activism, her “success”, has never helped to advance the monarchy, the Millennium Foundation.

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Meghan Markle and anger against the palace

But the “scandalous” episodes that see the heroine of Ms. Markle in this biography are numerous. Tom Power says Meghan was thrilled when she was asked to appear on the cover of a magazine Vanity Fair In 2017, accompanying an interview.

But when the magazine came out with the title wild about harry On the cover – the interview focuses on Meghan’s relationship with the prince rather than her work as an actress, activist and philanthropist – Power writes that The palace is amazed.

Within hours of having pre-release copies of the magazine sent to Buckingham Palace, Meghan had called her press office and reported “hysterically about the palace’s wrath”. Markle was black because the article overshadowed her charitable activities and it was because the magazine was unable to verify two stories she told about her childhood. Bauer also says that Harry (and the palace) He has banned Meg from speaking on sensitive topics such as racism, Donald Trump and his relationship with the Prince.

As I mentioned Vanity Fair In 2017, Meghan said, “I’m sure There will be a time when we have to move forwardWe introduce ourselves and we have stories to tell, but I hope people understand that this is our time. this is our. It’s part of what makes it so special, it’s ours alone. But we are happy. Personally, I love a great love story.” Mrs. Mark broke off her agreement with the minors before her marriage. The rest is history.

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