March 24, 2023

Hardwood Paroxysm

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“Because Gianni Morandi is at the festival” – Libero Quotidiano

the San Remo Festival This year he speaks to all audiences. But this 2023 edition caters to the audience a bit more with age. It is also known to lend a hand in the advertising procedure Amadeus there Gianni Morandi which actually has an interesting social following even in the middle and upper age group. The hugely popular singer definitely needs no introduction. But choosing Morandi opens up some ideas. Like the one given by Paolo Di Paolo at Repubblica which tries to explain the choices of “Ama” for the event that is about to open.

“Let Morandi lead to the eternal aunts, Feragni For the always-on-call nieces Fagnani to pick for the small screen; Zelensky opens the political question (insert more Fazio than him) and so nothing is missing. Sanremo devours what it can eat, it widens its lyrical and voracious jaws even in the year of the resurgent Mediaset anti-programs”. From C’รจ Posta per te, a cult program on the Canale Cinque, ready for the final on Saturday.In short, everything is expected of this festival but there is a taste of a la bodeaux: Amadeus may have entered a new professional stage: that of the “classical” conductor.

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