Promised preview for Thursday, October 26: Jana reveals the unthinkable about Kuro!

Promised preview for Thursday, October 26: Jana reveals the unthinkable about Kuro!

The enchanted world The Promise It offers us an interesting new chapter, broadcast on Canale5 on October 26, 2023 at 4.40 pm. Mystery around Kuro It becomes thicker, and JanaWith his persistence, he is about to make a discovery that will change everything!

The Promise Preview: Jana returns to the property

In the next episode, Jana He will return to the estate after having a few hours’ leave. But what makes her suddenly come back? The answers will surprise everyone. Our wonderful plane Manuel It is not only a place for love affairs, but also hides deep secrets.

Jana’s shocking discovery about Kuro

Emotion is palpable when… Jana Reveals a shocking truth Marie. The young woman went to her father’s grave and made a discovery that called into question the foundations of her family. The year of his father’s death does not coincide with his birth Kuro. The mystery is revealed, and the questions multiply. Who is the secret father?

Jana She is determined to find out who’s real father is Kuro. His heart is full of doubts, and Dolores He seems to have hidden more secrets than anyone could imagine. The walls of the property hide ancient secrets, for example Jana She is ready to challenge every obstacle to uncover the truth. But what will be the impact? KuroAlready upset by the previous revelation?

The Promise – Kuro (Photo on Instagram)

The show’s characters: a review

The Promise It is an attractive television series broadcast on Canale5 that deals with the themes of mystery, love and tradition. The film revolves around an isolated estate, where the lives of different characters are intertwined.

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The heart of the story is JanaA young waitress of humble origins with a mysterious past and a desire to discover the truth about her father. Jana works in a property DoloresA woman with a strong personality and a long history of secrets.

Spacious space for the family D’Angelothe owner of real estate. KuroThe rebellious son brings with him magic and mystery. CatalinaKuro’s mother, is a sophisticated woman who is constantly trying to protect her family from conspiracies.

Manuel, a pilot, becomes part of the story as Jana’s love interest. While Maria, Jana’s best friend, participates in the search for the young waitress.

Promise plot

The story revolves around secrets buried in the past about the estate and the families who live there, and explores the complex relationships between the characters. Mysteries unravel as the heroes’ lives intertwine and revelations upset the apparent balance of the estate.

The Promise It is an attractive story that attracts the attention of viewers with its twists and deep character development, while…Their intertwined promises and secrets create a mixture of drama and romance Which keeps series fans glued.

An exciting journey awaits us in the upcoming episodes of The Promise! Don’t miss any details of the interesting plots that will unfold From 23 to 27 October 2023. And remember, The Promise Goes on the air Monday to Friday at 4.40pm on Canale5. Don’t let the mystery escape!

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