Bologna – Atalanta 0-1, decides Cisse’s goal born in 2003

Bologna – Atalanta 0-1, decides Cisse’s goal born in 2003

Guineiano, born in 2003, solves the match in the 82nd minute: Before arriving in Bergamo, he played a tournament with the Rinascita Refugees, a Lecce team participating in the Category Two tournament and consisting of asylum seekers and guests of the Sprar/Spromy Projects

He played with a team of refugees. There, Atalanta caught him. Then it took less than a month since his debut with the Nerazzurri Primavera and only three league appearances to impress Gasperini. It is the 18-year-old Guinean Mustapha Cisse, who made his first-team debut today (in the field for half an hour instead of Morel), the goal that allowed Atalanta to beat Bologna in the final (0-1) and tie Roma to fifth in order.


Postponing the thirtieth day in the name of balance. With Bologna who deserved something more in points. Mihajlovic’s team scored more ball possession (61%), shots on goal (3 to 2, despite Atalanta kicks a total of 15 against 12 and also hit a pole) and corner kicks (6 to 3) but does not avoid Ko Bologna and Atalanta lined up in mirror image. With 3-4-2-1. Mihajlovic should dispense with the suspended Bonifaci and Sanson. In defense he finds Theate (flanked by Medel and Soumaoro). Arnautovic plays up front with the support of Orsolini and Soriano. Gasperini suffers from a long string of unavailability: Toloi, Malinowski, Buga, Zappacosta and Zapata are out. In the 2003 Scalvini rear package space (with Demiral and Djimsiti). Hatebor and Pizzella on the wings, Cupminiers and Bessina behind Muriel. It’s the first half with a bit of emotion but with plenty of opportunity in every aspect. In a questionable 28′ loop in Rossoble: Marisca allows him to run on De Silvestri’s aerial facility in Pezzella. And in the 30th minute, Atalanta was one step away from the advantage: Djamsiti’s rise and a close touch from Scalvini, who hit the post. In a dangerous 44′ Bologna at the start of the second half: Orsolini derails Demiral and faces Musso head-on, but the Argentine is providential and saves on the left of the first while on duty.

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Recovery is immediately more lively. And it opens with Arnautovic ahead, fired by Soriano in the rear: arriving in front of Musso, the Austrian chooses a soft touch that ends at the bottom (49′). The match was stopped for two minutes at the 52nd minute, when assistant referee Mundin was injured, and was replaced by the fourth official, Koso. Gasperini tries to revive the Nerazzurri’s offensive front and in the 65th minute removes Morel to make his debut in the Serie A, 18-year-old Guinean Cissé, a Primavera star who is in an amateur team from Puglia (Rinasita refugees, composed of applicants for international protection like him). Atalanta is dangerous in the 65th minute with the Kompiners razor blade off the edge (right outside), and Orsolini responded with a shot that hit Musso again (67). Ten from the end the balance was broken: Pasalic’s pass to Sissi, who only controls the opponent’s left and right area does not give Skorupski any chance. At 89′ Midel tries: a ball out of the net. On the axis of the Koopmeiners-Cissé-Pasalic (the same three champions from 0-1) Bergamo players double in the 94th minute, but the Croatian goal (entered in the 70th minute) was canceled due to offside. Atalanta is in fifth place with 51 points but has a game back to shorten the Champions League zone (Juventus 4th at +8). Bologna XII with 33.

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