Euphemia: Defeat against Real, but without Pogba, this Juve is no better than the one who failed | first page

Euphemia: Defeat against Real, but without Pogba, this Juve is no better than the one who failed |  first page

Head-to-head defeat

Juventus ended the American game away with a 2-0 loss to European champions Real Madrid, a team that is certainly a long way from the Bianconeri at the moment.
However, it was a defeat with their heads held high for the old lady because, even if it was summer football, Massimiliano Allegri’s team held out for at least an hour against the Blancos, only conceding a penalty from Benzema as a double result. Danilo’s naivety ended with a foul on Vinicius Jr.
Good Juventus, who initially took the advantage with a masterful free kick from Bonucci imprinted on the cross columns when Courtois hit.
The formation, the Bianconeri, is above all able to resist the exhausting possession of the ball by Carlo Ancelotti’s team, the owner of the stadium for large parts of the challenge.
Good performance from Locatelli in midfield, backed by the ever-increasing Fagioli, while this time Di Maria shone much less than the Barcelona match also because Juventus’ center of gravity has fallen further, leaving Kane and Vlahovic at the mercy of the opponents, with the Serbian in particular also practically nothing Because of the obvious delay of the case.
In the final, after a whirlwind of changes that completely changed the dynamics and intensity of the challenge, Asensio’s goal also came to rule the difference between the two teams.
At the moment, Real Madrid is a very ready and strong squad that cannot even be reached by Juventus.

Without Pogba, the midfield is unknown

The team is always in the middle of the field.
Of course, Juventus will not always face such phenomena as Kroos, Casemiro and Modric, but it is clear that until Pogba’s status becomes clear, Juventus’ central stage remains completely unknown.
Today, the Juventus midfield is practically the same as last season.
Paul Pogba’s recovery times will be crucial for the Juventus market because if with the “Octopus” at least an extra high-quality taste was needed without being able to get the French phenomenon for so long, then Juventus would necessarily have to take at least 2 more midfielders on The international level, because asking yourself a question now is also legitimate: without Pogba, the current Juventus is stronger than last year?
As things stand, it does not seem to be the case, quite the contrary.
A final decision is expected from the French player in a few days as well as the future of the Juventus season will depend a lot on his choice.
We understand very well the player’s desire not to lose the world championship, but on the other hand, we also understand all the bewilderment of Juventus fans and staff who fear losing Pogba (between the offside period and miscellaneous not having to participate immediately, the world championship to play and the next run) for almost the whole season.

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A minimum of 2 level purchases is required

In short, even for a big hit of bad luck, the “Pogback” effect seems to have already disappeared.
To return the enthusiasm to the environment and make the team competitive, perhaps not playing on par with Real Madrid but at least to make a leap in quality, at least 2 baits are needed, such as those made for Di Maria, Bremer and Pogba.
Aside from this pair of necessary signings, the risk of the squad not being strengthened compared to last season’s failure is entirely present. in Italy but primarily in Europe.
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