It’s not a “money sucking” game –

It’s not a “money sucking” game –

Robert MorrisonFilm animator who worked on it The Last of Us Part 1took to Twitter to defend the PS5 edition from being accused of being Money sucking game.pointing out that it’s actually one of the most well-preserved and meticulous projects I’ve ever seen and made.

The announcement of the first part of The Last of Us was not well received by all players. A portion of PlayStation users actually believe that the original PS3 version and the subsequent PS4 Remaster are still perfectly valid from a graphical point of view and that the new PS5 version adds little or nothing to that effect, making it a “money-sucking” game. Or Process by Sony for easy profits (as we know it will be sold at full price, or 80 euros in Italy) with low cost project.

Morrison, who has also worked on God of War (2018), Injustice 2 and Resident Evil 7 in the past, decided to speak up on the matter through a Twitter post.

“In fact, it is one of the most thoroughly conceived and executed projects that I have ever seen or been involved in in my life,” Morrison said. “There is the highest possible level of care and attention to detail possible.”

According to the official details shared by Sony, the first part of The Last of Us will be “one Overhaul From the original experience, you’ll “enjoy modern gameplay, improved controls, and expanded access options” and will include Left Behind DLC. It will be available on PS5 starting September 2, 2022.

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