Cremonese, Ballardini’s words on the eve of the Milan match

Cremonese, Ballardini’s words on the eve of the Milan match

Milan Cremonese, Ballardini’s words on the eve of the meeting

“We live with the awareness that we played a good game on Sunday against Verona, and the same awareness that tomorrow we will have to do more and better against AC Milan. We know that no matter which player plays, if we have the right attention and humility, we can put in good performances no matter what.” No matter who is on the field, as we also saw in Florence or on Sunday. We are convinced that when we are a team, whoever takes the field does his duty.”

Galdames is a football boy in his blood. He always knows where to put himself, he always knows what to do. His trait is instinctive, he has a natural sense of play. Then in addition to that, he has great generosity and humility in making himself available to the team. We are glad to have her, we have known her and we enjoy her for what she can do for us.

We’ve been playing more or less with four defenders for some time now, alternating between wingers and full-backs. We’ve also decided who should start, obviously so the players know… Our way of training is not to start from Tuesday, concentrating on eleven games and not caring about the others. We consider them all, we want them all to be involved, and then we make our choices slowly.”

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