Francesco Paolantoni against canceling tonight everything is possible: I write to Ray

Francesco Paolantoni against canceling tonight everything is possible: I write to Ray

The Neapolitan actor does not tell them, and to the fans asking for the return of the night, everything possible answers: “Write a mail to Ray, file complaints. Maybe someone will listen to you.”

Everyone wants Tonight anything is possible, the game show hosted by Stefano Di Martino, but according to Francesco Paolantoni, the broadcast could be postponed to a later date. The Neapolitan actor reported this in one of his live broadcasts on Instagram, stating that if it is not announced immediately after the broadcast of the Sanremo Festival, it may be postponed to the 2024/2025 season. Thus, the actor called on his fans to contact Rai directly: “Write emails to Rai, file complaints.”

Francesco Paolantoni’s message

The famous broadcast produced by Endemol, first entrusted to Amadeus and then successfully transferred to Stefano De Martino, achieved excellent results in TV ratings but was not included in the following tables. For this reason, Francesco Paolantoni advised those who asked him for news directly to “protest”, possibly through electronic communications without adding anything else: “It is not known if everything is possible tonight. If it is not done after Sanremo, it may be postponed for a year. Write emails to Rai, make complaints, say you want tonight everything is possible on the air. Maybe someone will listen to you.” “. STEP has not yet been confirmed, but Stefano Di Martino will also remain next season’s champion with various projects, including Bar Stella which is due to start in October.

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Rai criticism

This is not the first time that Francesco Paolantoni has revealed himself on the new Rai. Last June, while on the train for a guest on Today Is Another Day, the actor had commented on the trend to cancel all major programming for the season, such as “his” Che tempo che fa and specifically the one hosted by Serena Burton: “See you today on Rai1 on ‘Today is Another Day’ with Serena Bortone. Another show to be eliminated, ok! And if they trust ‘and cumbinà, aèè!’ “.

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