battery replacement? Serious problem. Tesla for example…

battery replacement?  Serious problem.  Tesla for example…

Speaking of out-of-warranty battery replacements, Luca reported a slew of issues with older Teslas. So, he argues, the battery life issue is real for those who have been keeping an electric vehicle for a long time or want to buy a used one. Send your questions to [email protected].

streetI am writing about what was discussed in the August 13, 2023 article titled “Where is the sustainability if after 10 years I have to change the battery?”

I confirmed in agreement with the author of the email sent, that the problem of replacing the batteries exists and is real. Now send direct links to what can be consulted even without registration, regarding Replacement of batteries is out of warranty from Tesla Model S Sold between 2012 and 2015.

Old Tesla Model S: how many problems 285316 / New battery or something less expensive.

Each link carries a file Discuss the case of battery replacementbut in the same also found other clients with the same problem.

Battery replacement: a small survey

These are not all cases, but only some of them, and there is one too Small survey With 23 participants it can be seen ok 17 out of 23 they have Replace the batteriesWho in the first kilometer who at high distances.

These cases have been reported Also for Model X (always in the same group). Also there is a group with more 600 subscribers on Facebook With the battery failing due to the BMS_u029 error, all within a few months of the expiration of the 8 year warranty. An ever growing group.

Now consider Meager sales figures for the Model S and X In those years she had a lot of cases, he certainly is alarm signal in my opinion.

There are also Many components are expensive Like the onboard charger, charging port, drive unit, and climate control (for a Model S over $4,000 to reset) Not covered by the 8-year warrantyComponents are neither found nor expensive in a classic thermal car.

Often it comes The second owner of the vehicleso people with less financial resources than those who bought it new and that’s exactly the point.

while in Chemistry and formats have changed etc., but if we go further than Tesla Roadsters With the original packages, how much is left? The package costs $30,000… (It was said that the costs would be minimal if replaced, since the batteries would have evolved in the meantime).

For goodness sake it was an experience etc., however 2005 thermal cars In circulation, especially in Italy, there are many that have not been addressed Such repairs are very expensive.

Used with the risk of replacing batteries

I can go back Many examples Also regarding Nissan Leaf And Renault Zoe always From the years 2013-2016but I’d be pedantic (if asked, I could).

all of this does the statistics? No, but it does indicate a real problem And not as far as your answers fear, that’s it.

I am reporting this information not to seek confrontation, but to highlight it The problem falls on those with less willingness to buy (Whoever buys a car on lease / lease does not know, is not interested) and is located in very serious difficulties pthe.

If you want mobility accessible to everyone, these topics must be addressed. Just how it goes It is not recommended to use a diesel engine Only in town because it will have FAP issues with subsequent repair and maintenance costs. or use a file Methane LPG engine to do a few kilometersor use Full hybrid drive to do Highway only. Each engine has a range of use To reduce expenses and improve maintenance costs.

My post was intended for a constructive discussion. If you want to post or discuss my opinion, I totally agree and Let it be clear that I am not against electric mobilityI am against emptying your wallet.Luca

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Lots of trouble for the first Teslas, not just the batteries

Answer- After confirming that your reports, Luca, relate to Tesla models in particular, we asked our friend for advice Guido Baccarini, Model 3 owner and deep connoisseur of that world. He replied that he had heard of it in general and «Because the links lead to one of the Tesla Club sites They are certainly correct reports».

Baccarini also agrees with one of his sentences (“Are all these stats? No, but it does indicate a real problem”) Remember, however, that we are talking about a The vehicle range is $100,000the first circulating examples of a model (Models) what about He had a lot of problems. Starting with these Steering or suspension mechanicssystematically broken due to the mechanical stresses caused by the brutal forces involved.

«Personally, I think your rhetoric, necessarily general, remains true. Bakarini adds, referring to our response in the previous article.

Model S and Model X «They are in a class of their own“And the issue of buying it used for those who do not have money.”It’s a bit silly considering that They cost more than a new Model 3 or Model Y albeit with 300,000 km». The old ones, those within the warranty, among other things, they have Free superchargers for life.

There are also virtuous issues. For example…

However, it can be included Lots of positive examples. Baccarini mentions it friend Paul is very active who has just passed 500,000 km (working as a taxi driver) with his Model S, generously recharged with Superchargers, among other things, with original battery. «Is it statistics? No, it’s one case.. The Model S and Model X are on the way exceed 100,000 units. Even 1000 problem samples would be the exception (exactly 1%). And we still talk about it Specialized and special machinesthe. And the cases of problems on “special” vehicles are endless, especially on sports cars.

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They will be a lot the most important official statistics on Renault Zoe or Nissan Leaf. But let’s talk about cars 10 years ago Much of it has resulted in these 10 years of the road. Our article is aimed at those who do not have an electric car today, but would like to buy one in the future, because they already have cars with new generation batteries available. However, for Old ZOE with a rented battery The problem does not exist. Battery ZOEs are rare. the Searchable sheet stats However, they tell us thatIn large numbers the batteries complied with their life expectancy ».

More expensive repairs? Let’s see the heat sinks

When evaluating the future purchase of a used electric car, the big numbers always count. «The person who takes the defective sample will curse Trelussa _ Bakarini comments _, But that doesn’t mean the statistic is no longer valid».

This applies to electric cars as much For heat-absorbing cars. And expensive spare parts are not limited to the former. Bakarini’s father, for example, has spent the last year 2400 euros to Reattach the head and valves for him Nissan Qashqai is 16 years old. This is a figure equal to the commercial value of the car, LPG with a mileage of 80,000 km. Brother, for his C3 Picasso Diesel 100,000 km and 14 years old, You will spend 1800 euros to Belt, spark plugs, bearings, service belt. to me Mazda 5 di Guido asked for a total of 500€ + VAT to replace the driver’s side lock.

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Replacing batteries will not become a drain

the Single cases always make noise, as well as a BEV that catches fire, but only full stats allow drawing a representative risk profile. In general, it is true that repairs on ICEs cost less. But in BEVs Fewer components They can break, though Generally more expensive or designed in this way to be replaced completely, rather than fix it.

«for batteries _ concludes with Karini _, The time will come (not after today) when they completely change your battery, however old will be deducted and will have Very high valuebecause we imagine that specialized companies will only replace problematic items to start them up for a second life, instead of dedicating the entire battery to recycling to recover the valuable materials it contains.”

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