Arisa, the disgusting confession years later: “Let me be a sheep because …”

Arisa, the disgusting confession years later: “Let me be a sheep because …”

The well-known singer, who has changed her appearance several times over the years, opened up about her past during an interview and admitted some things that made her stand out.

Arisa, To the registry office Rosalba PepaShe is a famous singer in the Italian scene who has suffered over the years of the greats transformations. Since she was shy and awkward she introduced herself to Sanremo Festival Everyone is amazed with her fifties look and great voice it’s been so long.

Arisa’s solo show

It was 2009 and the song sincerity It was just the starting point for that cute goggle-and-bangs girl; Over the years, her appearance has undergone many changes and today, as a gorgeous forty-year-old girl, Arisa has a breathtaking body and long hair at the moment.

Arisa’s Past: Confession

But if we see that today Paladin LGBTQ rights and LGBTQ rights around the world, in addition to developing body positivityIn the past, the singer faced several problems due to her origins and appearance, as she had the opportunity to confess some time ago during an interview with courier.

Thus, Arisa relives those moments when she was bullied by her peers: “In middle school I was definitely not among the most beautiful girls. Classmates They made fun of me For the nose or because I didn’t have a lot of clothes on. For others they were jokers but I took them seriously, they affected me. I lived in the country, my father always had animals, and it so happened that he took sheep to graze near the road where the bus with my “friends” passed. which they started Call me a sheep, to tell me I’ve spread“.

Harsh words can hurt, but Arisa has the opportunity to redeem herself as an adult, proving that this shy girl and victim of bullies has managed to do great things in her life.

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surgery? Error

But perhaps precisely thanks to some of the qualities that she addressed as a child, the Lucanian singer had a period in which she resorted to the lack of a sense of beauty. Plastic surgeryWe apologize for that later. In fact, he said: “I stopped situations that hurt me. I was looking for the perfect model that was putting me in a bind. Society tends to make us feel bad by focusing on aesthetics. Behind it is the desire to feel accepted. I spent my time looking in the mirror. see me more beautiful I thought it was a way to fill in the gaps, So I fell in love with him.”

Arisa's change from look-Solospettacolo
Arisa on Instagram-Solospettacolo

Fortunately, today he is aware of its charm and the fact that perfection does not exist and that we are indeed beautiful precisely because we are all different: “I used to think that having fuller lips would be more likeable. But in that attempt I didn’t recognize myself and I was the first to like myself less.”

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