Friends, Samu in tears thinking of father and shared dream

Friends, Samu in tears thinking of father and shared dream

Samuel breaks down at home: thanks to the Amici di Maria De Filippi, he’s living his dream, but he can’t help but think of his father. Share it with him and now he’s wondering if the parent can see it…

Tears and joys Friends of Maria de FelipeVersion 2022: Samuel He had a moment Touching emotion reminds of Fr. The video in which the boy is crying Vents posted with Federica on Instagram Program manager. Samuel explains it He shared his dream with his father He wonders if he can still see him now that he’s gone and might be proud of him. Federica kindly consoles him, She pats him on the head and tells him that she is sure that the father feels proud.

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Friends, Samuel breaks down and Federica comforts him

You are good at writing letters“, He says Federicaleaned back on the seat where he was lying Samuel. The boy has a critical moment He thinks back to the missing father as he weeps:”It’s the only way I have to ask how he is, if he sees me, if he’s proud of meThe friend never misses her support: “security. Do you know how happy he will be for you?Samuel He seems inconsolable: “It was something we dreamed about together. And I achieved my dream without him“.

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Losing a parent, especially when you are young SamuIt’s really destabilizing. boy too He shared his biggest dream with his fatherNow that he’s lived it, he can’t hold back his tears. Federica Try to console him:If this dream if you have it and want it, then he lives in two parts, You live it for both of us“. still: “In these situations you suffer. Too bad to say, but it makes you grow, and even a lot. It makes you grow old quickly.”

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