Vacari News – Einstein between science and religion

Vacari News – Einstein between science and religion

A letter dated April 11, 1950 highlighting the position of the researcher. The letter was put up for sale for $125,000

120 Italian lire dated March 14, 1979

The letter dated April 11, 1950 in which Albert Einstein expressed himself about the relationship between science and religion had a value of $125,000. In it, it is stated that a scientific person should not believe in the creation theory that the Book of Genesis lists.

Behind the news is the Ardmore (Pennsylvania) Rapp Group, which announced from the United States that it had acquired and sold this document from the recipient’s heirs. The sender – HQ – was “the world’s most influential scientist and a German Jew who escaped the Holocaust. His letters dealing with the relationship between science and religion are compelling and insightful comments.”

The letter was written to a group of young people through their teacher, who contacted the character. “On behalf of the students of the Lecture Series on Religion, I would like to ask you if you think it is possible for a modern scientist to reconcile the idea of ​​the creation of the world by God, a higher power, with his scientific knowledge.”

He replied, “As long as the stories of the Bible were taken literally, it was clear what kind of faith was expected of the readers.” If the Bible is interpreted instead in a symbolic (metaphorical) way, it is no longer clear whether God should actually be considered as a person [e quindi non una divinità monoteista]Somewhat similar to men. In this case it is difficult to assess what remains of faith in its original sense. I believe, however, that an individual who is more or less trained in scientific thought is alien to the religious creation (in the original sense) of the universe, because it applies the criterion of causal conditionality to everything. This does not negate the religious position but, in a sense, replaces it.

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