“So I arrested him in the girls’ dormitory.”

“So I arrested him in the girls’ dormitory.”

After the success of the first edition. Alicia Marcozzi is about to debut tomorrow with the new season of Very prosperous, is broadcast in prime time on Rai2. By combining diversity and game show, well-known faces from the 1980s and 1990s will compete against the heavyweights of the new millennium on the other. In this regard, to talk about the game show, the presenter was a guest right time, The program he hosts Katerina Balivo. But not only. Alicia Marcozzi Explain to Katerina Balivo And also what he is like in this role Mother With his two children, Mia, 12, and Tommaso, 22. But let’s see what he said in detail.

Alicia Marcozzi increases the pain in her legs after dance rehearsals: “bruises and shriveled feet.”

Alessia Marcozzi, injured after training Pumerissima: “It happened while dancing”

“With my kids, I’m like Miss Rotermeyer,” she explained Alicia Marcozzi to Katerina Balivo -. My parents were my “parents”, teaching me respect, i.e., one cannot respond poorly. Now children are different. Tommaso answered me badly a few times but he knows I get angry. It’s the same with Mia too. Of course I adopt sanctions. Tommaso is great but when I get angry I don’t talk to him for a while. Mia has had her cell phone since this year and when I get mad at her I either take it away or try to schedule special times. Example: Twenty minutes at the table are not used and only in the evening.”

The showgirl added: “With Tommaso, she also revealed that some time ago on television, I have a geography. I was at Fazio’s house and found out he was in a girls’ dorm in London. “I said it live but fortunately because it was overseas no college found out.”

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