Francesca Cipriani’s mother speaks

Francesca Cipriani’s mother speaks

Novella 2000 interviews Rita de Michele, mother of Francesca Cipriani, about her daughter’s experience in the home of the Big Brother Vip and gives her opinion on some of the competitors in this edition.

Francesca Cipriani’s mother, Rita de Michele, He did a long interview with Novella 2000 Through it he spoke about the different dynamics that occur inside the house. And if I give the most positive judgment on Aldo Montano, the irrepressible mother of Abruzzo Suprete, refused to demean Soleil rise NS Katia Ricciarelli:

Aldo Montano He is really a polite and respectful man. He’s a champion athlete and that’s clear, because he always manages to impress everyone. On the other hand, who I don’t like is Soleil rise, because they do not respect other comrades. Even when he made such unfortunate words towards Janmaria Antinolfi Then at night, I watch the 24/7 live stream, I always speak English, and I utter a lot of swear words. That’s ridiculous, like when he called “bit*h” Raffaella Vico Early in the evening, aware that Bia’s daughterWho understands English, he would have been disappointed. As a mother, I cannot accept these things.

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And again on Katia Ricciarelli:

I was a bit disappointed Katia Ricciarelli, who is a great artist and should be more consistent and less rumored with the rest of the group. Even Francesca’s friend had to say when she saw him in the clip while driving the truck. Are we kidding?! Fortunately, my daughter never really gets into certain dynamics, and that’s good for her too because, believe me, she wouldn’t even know how to do it.

Rita talks about her daughter

francesca-cipriani-gf- vip

Mrs. RitaThen she focused on her daughter’s love life and the relationship she had with her boyfriend Alessandro Rossi. Cipriani’s mother also recalled the many difficulties that the girl had to overcome in life:

Not having a father figure for her was a big problem. That is why she is now very attached to her boyfriend Alessandro. I hope the story continues. He is a great man and Francesca is calm with him. My daughter has always been a sensitive girl and is now slowly overcoming these traumas.

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