“What Happened” – Libero Quotidiano

“What Happened” – Libero Quotidiano

Fabio Carissa And the Benedetta Parodi to me Today is another day. The two were guests Serena Burton in the Thursday, December 1 episode. Here the couple told the secrets of their lasting relationship: 23 years of relationship. Specifically, their long love story allowed the two to comment on the separation that ended in the eye of the storm: that is between Francesco Totti And the Ilary Blasey.

“Maybe for a footballer like Totti, the void that existed after that day in my opinion puts you in front of me Many questions”, the words of the sports commentator were in reference to the football farewell to the former Roma captain. In any case for Parodi, “It is always frustrating to see a couple who have loved each other for so long (then after that it is also a symbol) separated. There is some sadness. Then I always say that when a couple doesn’t work anymore, it’s better to separate than to go on, even for the sake of the kids. Of course, it is difficult to do without pain.

But Carissa disagrees: “No, I think it’s time we need to go the extra mile because when one has responsibilities in life and one chooses, one must at least Try to maintain accountability who took it. Instead, I see a certain tendency to give up too soon. Instead, building a family and a life together is a complex thing that takes a lot of commitment. If you put a lot of effort into your job, you also have a commitment to your family.”

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