A gap between Islam and modernity dug by science – books

(ANSA) – Rome, November 13 – Elio Cadillo – The Closed World (LEG Editions, 230 pages, €22) Is there moderate Islam? Why is terrorism rooted in Islamic countries? Above all, what turned the Islamic religion into a political dogma? These are some of the questions answered by Elio Kudlow, “The Closed Scientist,” which analyzes the “conflict between Islam and modernity” in the light of scientific and technological development today.

According to Cadillo, the flag carved a deep furrow between the West and Islamic countries. There is little evidence of the scientific gap that has deepened the rift between the two worlds in recent decades. To explain what is happening between the Islamic world and the West, analysts, sociologists, historians of Islam and international political scientists have, from time to time, placed at the heart of the colonial question, the relationship between the world’s north and south, religion, economics, institutions of Islamic countries, democracy or lack of democracy.

Historical truth has often been distorted by public places. Italy, in fact, did not come out of the Middle Ages thanks to the confluence of Arab culture. Greek science and philosophy did not arrive in Italy thanks to translations of Greek texts from Arabic and Humanism, and the Renaissance never emerged after the confluence of Italian and Islamic cultures.

For the first time, the article draws attention to the so-called Arab Renaissance: very short arcs annihilated by religious repression that nipped all forms of freedom of thought in its infancy, to the point that philosophers and scholars (such as Avimbis, Averro, Avicenna and others), were forced to flee, arrested or been tortured. Thanks to the rediscovery of the classical world, Italy and Europe embarked on the path of modernization, free market and scientific research. Otherwise, a theology and a collective society based on a subsistence economy emerged in the Islamic world that closed the horizon of conscience in the “eternal sacred Middle Ages” that engaged in an endless struggle against modernity. (Dealing).

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