«With Franco Ubini stole couples and was immediately our son Francesco. I will not marry Fabio Adami »- Corriere.it

«With Franco Ubini stole couples and was immediately our son Francesco.  I will not marry Fabio Adami »- Corriere.it

The runway has been targeted.
 «Enzo Trapani was there scoring Do not stop, with Verdoni, Cats, Troisi. I wanted to get attention. Jerry Calla called me, “Mess” of the group. He took my number, wooed me, which wasn’t much of a compliment because he was flirting with everyone. The truth is, I didn’t give it to anyone, I was just a very good person allumeuse, Androgynous physique, Brazilian ass, 1.76m tall, blonde, imitating Delilah de lazaro, there were crowds of men behind me. They asked me: what’s wrong with you dear? Attracted them and then fled ».

Jerry No, yes Franco Obene.
 «After a nighttime stroll through the streets of Turin, Franco invited me to spend the weekend in Romania. I went with a friend who was immediately engaged to Jerry. He was busy, left the other and played the role of a thief’s husband despite the husbands’ desire to steal. We fell in love right away and it was Francesco »(Jr).

In the kindergarten with the nuns with the baby Marco Travaglio.
“You disturbed me: you passed by, dressed in white, and showered me with puddles.”

Immediately beautiful.
“At ten I looked like a nymph, to my mother I looked like Botticelli’s Venus.”

In love with Baglioni.
And who wasn’t? I built a club of Claudio loyalists, the mailbox became clogged with letters, and Dad had a nervous breakdown. We are friends, the first concert I saw was with Fabio ».

She wanted to be a singer and didn’t give up, even if her boyfriend Cristiano Malgoglio criticized her by plugging her ears with “Tale e which”.
a?? gag between us. I’m not a bad performer, I know how to thrill, if I had studied, I would have done it. As an actress I can do better. Pierce Brosnan wanted me so bad 007 golden eye, But I didn’t want to study English, I wanted to enjoy life, Pepe Cacheto is still crying. I haven’t had more opportunities like this.”

When he chanted “Etienne” (La Piscina, Raitre, 1991) it was immediately a fierce parody.
“I admit I was awful out there.”

“Barbarism” was born.
You were a sexy slob. Idea about Angelo Guglielmi who loved me. Intellectuals have always loved me.”

Galagool chair.
 «I didn’t understand much about football, but I knew TV. Did not fall off, the class is not water.

Players appreciate.
“Many have tried, only one has succeeded, stop.”

And Maradona?
“I wasn’t his type, he just liked them more… Simple. Generous, overwhelming, what evenings with him and Gianni Min ».

They sent her gift trucks.
• Cars and jewels even princes. He called me Gianni Agnelli, polite and discreet. But I always like to disdain the rich. I’ve only had relationships with men that attracted me, questionable perhaps, but Not that they were of any use to me.

Even with Boncompagni, he quarrels in the second version of “Macao” (Rai2, 1998): away episode after episode.
â € Like a spoiled child, Gianni is tired of his game. It bothers me: He didn’t frame me, he used the wrong lights.”

Why did they treat her like this?
 «Working with Baudo and Boncompagni was easy, two talented beasts and very professional. Less so in personal relationships. I’m not one to argue, I team up. But the male colleagues don’t roll out the red carpet for you, you always have to be one step behind, they are afraid of being overwhelmed. to Telegatti I was very partial with Corrado – they told me: “He will not let you open your mouth” – and in the end I was the one who did not let him speak ».

She often crossed paths with Valeria Marini. friend or not?
 «I love Valeria so much, we are different, yet we are symbolic, she is playful, tender and affectionate. He was never seen as a competitor. The real bad is the fake good.”

He did not shoot “Così fan tutte” but he accepted “Il Macellaio”.
 «Professor Tinto Brass was so extreme, I had a little kid. The other was by the author, perhaps boring, not vulgar, but in the contract I had forbidden close-ups ».

Stephen Bonaga.
“Very clever, very clever genius.”

Christopher Lambert.
“Tender narcissist.”

Giuseppe Lanza of Scalea.
“Best friend, a real prince.”

Cristiano DAndre.
“Fragile, wonderful, brother.”

And this rai “Millonian”?
 “As soon as new offers arrived, mine opened I’m not a lady, from June 29, five evenings in prime time on Rai2. Well, maybe all that fanaticism just isn’t there. After all, who has never dreamed of being one Dragon Queen? As for me, I won’t be a lady anymore.

Super paparazzi.
 «When they first filmed us in my house, I started crying: ‘If you leave now, I understand you.’ He hugged me: “I’m not going anywhere” ».

And the legendary dog ​​Fengyi?
“He has horrible bad breath, that’s the only reason for discussion between us, when he sleeps on the bed.”

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